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"I want to write songs, love songs, really timeless, beautiful love songs...
But I can't sing and I don't know music"
William Sage, Theory of Achievement, 1991


People keep sayiong shit like "your pages are really cool, but you need to add something about yourself to this shit." Well a few months ago a mate (Jackie) sent me a silly little questionaire type thing for me to fill out. For some reason I filled it out, and now I've decided to put the whole thing on this site. So go HERE to read all about ME!!!.

Well what do I say?

This is my homepage if you hadn't already guessed.

Not much of a page I hear you think.
Well fuck off then, how dare you come to my page and insult me.
(if you didn't think it then ignore that last bit).

Umm, well the page is about one year old now and I'm starting to get some visitors at last. In fact I've even upset a few people (see guestbook). It's good to know that no matter how much I try to censure myself I still seem to bother people. Well if you are offended by the page, just click on the back button and forget you ever came here. We don't need your sort around here anyway!

"The tradgedy of it is that nobody see the look of desperation on my face.  Thousands and thousands of us, and we're passing one another without a look of recognition."
Henry Miller

So, what interests Jason?

What about my musical preference.
I've been kind of 'reborn' in this regard over the last two years, almost to the point where I can listen to the radio for more than ten minutes without feeling sick.

If music is too boring I do have a bit of a worship thing for certain films.

Still boring I hear you think. Usually I would just tell you to "Fuck Off", but not today, today I'm feeling pleasant, today I'm going to try to woo you. And what better way than to let you have a look at my Top Ten Deviants List. It's just a list and brief explanation on why Ted Bundy turns me on. You will also find some great links to the best killer sites on the web.

Still not impressed are you. Your thinking "What a tosser!".

I don't know why I'm bothering with any of this as I know that none of you really give a shit about this mindless drivel.

Do you have what it takes to be mates with me?
Why not do my survey.


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So you've nearly made it to the bottom of the page, I should be flattered, but perhaps your just doing it to see how low I can really go. Well I'm not going to attempt to be intelligent, if you wanted that you could have gone to visit my little brother to see what he gets up to when he's not rubbing the dogs fanny (that's vagina, yanky boy). He seems to do nothing but attempt to be intelligent, but unfortunately he has decided to sever all ties with the "net". Doesn't matter, the page was shit anyway.

I've been given awards for this load of crap!!!


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oh, yeah, since I get so many fucking requests i've added some piccies. They're pretty shithouse, but what do you expect from a $A90 digital camera. I also made sure to add one from behind so you could all sit back and worship my beautiful fucking hair.

Email: bundy23@gmx.net

"What's one less person on the face of the earth anyway?"
Theodore Robert Bundy 1947-89