Igorot Contact Points
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The Igorot Contact Point


The Igorot Contact Point

Welcome to the Igorot Contact Center on the Web. If you can't contact any Igorot on any other channel, this is the site for you! News on the home front, Updates on friends abroad, What you missed in the last get-together, and a lot, lot more!.(There is a big change to the news portion. Please check it out!)

Igorots on the 'Net A listing of the e-mail addresses, Homepages,etc. of the Igorots on the Internet.

Cordilleran News The latest on the Igorot e-mail exchanges,News on the BIBAK Front, The latest from the grapevine. This has now been changed. Thre is an even better way for Igorots to check out the latest news. Find out in here.

Daler, at your service.... Check out other Igorot sites!

Comments/Inquiries/News SubmissionWhaddya think? Any tidbits out there? Who's New on your side? Entona?

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