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What I Like To Do
  • Play softball
  • Watch Movies
  • play video games
  • Play With My Cars& Trucks

My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
FOOOD's Alien Temple
The Alien WebSite
Game spy arcade!!! Place for kids

More links further down.

"About Me"
My name is Travis,but most people call me "Trav",I'm 7 years old. I have an older sister Tisha,she's 10 years old. We both have a birthday in March, mines the 3rd and sissy's the 12th. Our Daddy's birthday is in March too, his is on the 8th(he was born on my greatgramma's birthday). My other greatgramms birthday was on the 7th. Gosh!!! lots of March babies huh?? and thats not all of'em.

I like the Bull's,especially you know how?? yes that big tall guy, MICHAEL J. I have a bulls jacket, and a Bears jacket. We live in a house and I have my very own room decorated with race cars. I also have alot of movies too.

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