Abused Animals Information

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When pets get abused, they become very hurt. Some things that happen are:
1.) Pets run away = (
2.) Pets become hurt ( such as limping acures, blindness, brain damege )
3.) Animals possibly could die= (

Thorse were some of the bassics! Many pets when they get abused are abused by:
1.) Owner by hitting, kicking, punching, not feeding them ect.
2.) Very dirty house!

Some orginatzations that take care of pets:

The ASPCA, I think the most popularist Organazation!

The orgs. take the pets from the abusive homes and owners and clean them up feed them well and make them feel better!
Then you may be able to adopt these loveable animals! They'll become good companionship to you!

Many times people adopt from the Humane Societies, ASPCA ect, and find that the animals are wonderfuk!
PLEASE NEUTER AND SPAY ALL YOUR PETS! There won't be unwanted baby animals!

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This image of the pittbull was taken in delaware by a person. This is what some pets looked like when they are abused!
This pittbull was abused as you can see!! This dog is very thin for a pittbull

This is the same dog as above! This is a side view of that poor abused dog!

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