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When Angels Speak

I welcome you to my Heaven on Earth where angels sing and often play, The strangers we may meet and often don't greet. Many times we don't even realize we just may have met an angel that heaven sent... In a moments notice they're gone and we wonder where they went.

Well this is what this page is all about, our Heavenly Messengers!!! (The seen and unseen) Gods Angels are here to help us through troubled times, take our sorrows and turn them into happiness.

On a personal note, I believe everything happens for a reason, I have been through some real hard times emotionally and psychologically and through Gods help and many prayers to him, he has guided me in such a positive direction in my life. When I felt everything was falling apart things began to turn around because God is there for me on a daily basis, so when your feeling at your lowest, DON'T GIVE UP!! Keep the faith and believe and things will only get better in the long run.

I belive in angels and they are all around us. Often in the people we have in our daily lives. We are not to worship our Angels, Worship GOD, our Angels are here to guide and protect us as they work for GOD. There are people full of grace and kindness without hate in their hearts. It takes a special person to be an Angel. May the true Angels of this earth show the true meaning of unselfishness!
Peace on Earth & God Bless

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In Memory of a special Angel

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; For thereby some have entertained Angels Unaware."~Hebrews 13:2

The warming of an Angels light can comfort and illuminate the whole world.

This Award was given to me on Sept 20,1998 from Spider Angel ... Thanks Spider Angel!!

~ Special Poem ~

Visions From:

I can see heaven through your eyes
The beauty of peace thats above the skies
The flowers all blooming and gracefully dance
with love and laughter full of romance

In the distance I hear the angels sing
and feel the wisp of the angels wing
Gracefully floating all through the air
beauty surrounding me, many places to go but I'm not sure where

I see these visions all through your eyes
My heart is open for me to visualize
The message of eternity that you brought to me
for my eyes only, you let me see

Inner peace and love, of all in heavens gate
It's a moment in time I won't be late
I want to spread to all the place I went
The visions from an Angel Heaven Sent.

( 1998 Penny A. Petersen)

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You've already been through the darkest place you can imagine. It's time to start looking for stars.

It's so easy to go from love to hate. But from hate to love, that's the hard part.

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Updated: December 18, 2000

Free will is a gift. Love is a choice, Hate leaves you no choice at all.


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