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 Husband: Samuel CAUGHEY (CUCHY) (116)
     Born: cir 1730           in:
     Died: ! 1786             in: Lancaster, PA
     Buried:                    in:

Wife: Esther (Hester) COULTER (117) Born: abt 1736 in: Died: in: Buried: in: Father: Mother:
Married: ! 09-May-1752 in: Middle Octorara Church, Lancaster, PA Not divorced 8 known children
Child 1: Samuel CAUGHEY Jr. (124) Gender: Male Born: bef 27-Nov-1753 in: PA Died: in: Washington CO. Buried: in: No known marriage
Child 2: Janet (Jean) CAUGHEY (121) Gender: Female Born: ! 02-Mar-1755 in: Lancaster Co, PA Died: in: Buried: in: No known marriage
Child 3: Nathaniel CAUGHEY (123) Gender: Male Born: 26-Nov-1758 in: Died: in: Buried: in: Married: Janet COULTER (131) bef 1807
Child 4: John CAUGHEY (122) Gender: Male Born: bef 21-Jun-1761 in: Mid.Octorara Pres. Ch. Died: in: Buried: in: No known marriage
Child 5: William CAUGHEY (125) Gender: Male Born: 27-Mar-1764 in: Died: in: Buried: in: No known marriage
Child 6: James CAUGHEY (120) Gender: Male Born: ! 08-Jun-1766 in: Died: in: Buried: in: No known marriage
Child 7: Elizabeth CAUGHEY (118) Gender: Female Born: bef 10-Jul-1768 in: PA Died: 24-Feb-1866 in: Buried: aft 24-Feb-1866 in: Middle Octorara, Lancaster, PA Married: John COULTER (132) 22-Dec-1787! Child: Hugh COULTER (134), b. 24-Jul-1791!, d. 1847! Child: Samuel McConnell COULTER (135), b. 26-Jun-1794!, d. 20-Jan-1873 Child: Esther COULTER (136), b. 10-Feb-1797, d. 10-Jun-1798 Child: Mary Maria COULTER (137), b. 19-Apr-1799, d. 12-Dec-1856 Child: Esther Eliza COULTER (138), b. 20-Oct-1804, d. 04-Jan-1893 Child: Martha COULTER (139), b. 20-Oct-1804, d. 04-Jan-1898 Child: John COULTER (140), b. 02-Jul-1807!, d. 22-Oct-1884!
Child 8: Esther CAUGHEY (119) Gender: Female Born: ! 03-Nov-1771 in: PA Died: in: Buried: in: Married: Henry MCCLASKEY (133)

Notes: !"John McCreary Clan Part VI A" by Miss Marjorie MacCreary pg. 54 "NOTE: I can find no evidence that this Samuel Caughey had a son Francis, though Tom Urbine gave his ancestor as the son of Samuel. His ancestor was the son of John and grandson of Francis, 1729-1811 and Jean Scott."

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