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What to Send to be autographed

I have told you how to send items through the mail to get autographs, now I will suggest what you should send and where you can get them to send.

To get a magazine picture from column size Black and White picture to a nice full page color picture or even a Magazine cover you can write to me for information. Include your requests and I'll email you back telling you what I have

< p> To get nice 8" x 10" Black and White photos you can write to Sports Legends Photos at the address listed. He does have some of the modern boxers in color, but if you are mailing to the older boxers these Black and Whites are a must. He also has action shots of really great bouts besides the usual poses.

If you are afraid to send these materials through the mail but you want something nice to be autographed LEBOXE Publications offers something called Matte finshed photos. It is also a zerox effect. But don't take my word for it, contaact them. They have a lot of other nice autographical items also.

Places to buy items to send for autographs

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