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A "Bobbie Sue's Groove's" Page

My Mission Statement

September, 1998
My name is Bobbie.
I have created the "Medicine Wheel Way" webpages for
selfish reasons and for unselfish ones. The selfish reasons are because some people
are wondering why on earth a white gal like me is foolin' with Indian stuff!!! The ones who
know me know that, to my knowledge and theirs, I don't have a drop of Indian blood in me.
So, WHY?.........they wonder. The ones who do NOT know me well, just............wonder.
So by puttin' it here on a website, for the whole wide world to see, is a way of explaining
myself. The unselfish reason is because I want to do my share, as small as it is,
(and in spite of the fact I still have a huge amount to learn), to help pass the word as to
what the Medicine Wheel Way is all about.

Year 2000 - Update!
I've just learned that I do have a "drop" of Indian blood afterall!
From a REALLY far-back ancestral Cherokee grandmother of mine.
Exact amount is not yet proven, but I am at least 1/128, more likely 1/64 Cherokee!
A wonderful surprise for me! Cool, huh? A little dab'll do ya, right?!

My mother was a Pentecostal Holiness Christian for most of her 83 years on Earth.
She raised my sister and me on the firm foundation of her religious beliefs, and our daddy
backed her up 100%. She instilled in us a blind faith in God and the "hereafter." Although
I haven't particularly followed the diciplines of the Holiness faith, I credit it (and my mother)
fully for laying the firm and rock-solid foundation of my spiritual beliefs. Like the old Gospel
hymn so eloquently says, "I Shall Not Be Moved!" Speaking of Gospel music, by the way,
anytime I hear or sing a good ol' holy-roly Gospel song, I feel lifted up right off the ground
- my spirit soars! This music always has and always will ...........take me "there."

Throughout my life, I visited a variety of churches
- Assembly of God (kissin cuzs to the Pentecostals), Baptist (all kinds!), Catholic
(loaded with reverence), etc., etc. I found that in spite of their different religious
doctrines, that there was a common thread that I couldn't quite put my finger on
- but the UN-common threads felt so tangled up that I couldn't sort them out!!!
I thought that something must be the MATTER with me, and that no matter how
"good" I was trying to be that I must surely be gonna go to hell for not being able to
hang my hooks into a particular doctrine........ANY doctrine!!! Then finally, only
about three years ago, in a great big long round-about way I won't even try to explain,
I "discovered" the Medicine Wheel Way. It has forever changed my life.
But DON'T MISUNDERSTAND!!! In no way do I mean to imply that a person would
have to give up their religion to follow the Path of the Medicine Wheel Way!!!
This Path "dovetails" completely with ANY spiritual belief system. It deepens, broadens,
ENHANCES everything about you. That's the whole idea of bring every
ONE and every THING into peace, harmony and balance with each other.
It's as simple as THAT.

The main thing I've learned so far is that the Medicine Wheel Way most certainly is not
anything new. I often hear/see it categorized as some "New Age" craze. Well, what the
"New Age" era is to SOME folks, it's something ELSE to others!!! But, in all fairness
to those who just gotta "categorize" things, is that this "Way" isn't NEW, but the
sharing-of-knowledge about it IS relatively new. The Sacred Knowledge was entrusted to
the Indians to protect and shelter it until the world-at-large would finally have enough sense
to respect and honor it. But, oh, the catch was, which the ancient Wise Ones knew for
sure-n-certain, was that we wouldn't GET enough sense until we were almost on the brink
of destroying ourselves and this planet along with us. Well, it sure doesn't take exactly a
rocket scientist to figure out that we ARE now approaching that "brink." We are. So the
sharing-of-knowledge has begun. It began within the past decade or so.

There are still many among the Indian peoples who think that the world-at-large bunch-of
-us in general, STILL do not deserve access to this Sacred Knowledge. With our historical
track record, who could blame them?!!! And by the way, injustices done to the American
Indian peoples is not just old stuff-in-the-history books kind of happenings. There still ARE
terrible injustices happening!!! And, as in history, it's all so-called justified as "progress-in
-the-making." Ancient burial grounds are being desecrated, for example, for the creation of
new building sites or land development. Hey! How would YOU like it if somebody bulldozed
up your ancestors' graves to plunk down a tennis court or whatever? And would YOU want
to share some revered, precious, sacred knowledge with people who would do such things?
But, thank the Great Spirit, in spite of all that, there ARE Indian peoples who know that
it IS time for the knowledge to be shared.

I quote the writer, Kenneth Meadows, who is a trained shamanic councellor:
Shamans, medicine men and tribal elders, like Wallace Black-Elk of the
Lakots, Harley Swiftdeer the Metis Cherokee, John Redtail-Freesoul of the
Cheyenne-Arapahoe, Sun Bear of the Bear Tribe, and writers like
Hyemeyohsts Storm, Carols Castaneda, Lynn Andrews and Brad Steiger,
have lifted the veil on some of the hidden knowledge and there is now
a developing and insatiable appetite for it.

My own, personal, actual point-of-beginning in learning about The Medicine Wheel
Way, was when I picked up one of Chief Sun Bear's books. Even though there is also
available the works of other great Medicine Wheel spiritual teachers, understandably,
Sun Bear will always be the One Most Special to me. However, I do revere and honor
ALL of the great teachers (and those who assist them), and will forever be profoundly
grateful to them ALL for publicly sharing the knowledge.

And I feel that the least I can do to help, or to give BACK something for what they've
done, is to pass on along things that I've learned so far. I have so much yet to learn,
and, as Meadows said, I have now developed an..........."insatiable appetite for it."
I pray that my pages will serve honorably in helping others who are in the learning
process, to learn along WITH me, about this beautiful life-Pathway,
known as the Medicine Wheel Way.

--Bobbie Sue

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