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and my sanity did fray

just below your powder edges it smolders
grey deception for the intensity
an occasional flame licks free
grasping at fuel for survival, so we could say

distant inner voices call, asking
can you feel it
the need to combust
can you feel it
the need to be quenched
or is it the fear
pulling, turning, ripping, shoving
from the edge
until a flame licks free

waves roll in to touch me
do they encase your soul
wanting to surround me in your
passions fire
consuming in me that which smolders
quench my unseen survival
or is it to combust

I claw through my desires for
resemblences of
socially accepted reality
my breast yearns
for your lips, your firey touch
will it only ever be liquid caresses
will our second touch only be a salty kiss

was it carelessness in another play
or will it be another play
the careless will say

do you enjoy the window into my soul
the opening in which you crawl
tormenting even from your watery grave
smiling as you slowly claw at my insides
lingering on the wound
enjoying the moment
as you watch it bleed

anger towards you builds
you took things that time can
no longer bring
you made your departure leaving the
unresolved to decay
the festering stench that blocked
was it devised for a means to an end
the pieces set to play
there were no restrictions
knowledge given as common
I guess time will no longer say

I'm still haunted by your presence
in past I felt I could turn and
find you there
I still feel you
I feel you in distance

I went to the shore to touch you today
again I felt passions fire lick at my soul
....and my sanity did fray

(for dagwould 1970-1998...I miss you...but I'll see you a dream)