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hunger in the night

they drifted in on a moon beam
delicately invading his dream
with feelings of all things good and well
they cast their spell

tiny blue lights filled his room
interlaced with beams from the moon
he sat up in bed amazed at the sight
strangely , he felt comfort not fright

for what seemed to be only a few
ticks of the clock
he gazed in awe at this luminescent flock
they possessed intellegence , each their own
he knew this as through his room they
did roam

he though he sensed their emotions ,
their thoughts
he wasn't sure , but they seemed distraught
an urgent need came over him to find out why
he thought he heard the faint echo of
a maddening cry

they surrounded him in a whirling mass
he felt pure joy and didn't want it to pass
they invaded his senses and he heard their
voices in tune
"come now, our chosen, let's play under
the moon"

in as quick as a blink of an eye he was
taken away
standing in a moon lit garden , he wondered
what they ment by "play"

in amazement he looked around
under his feet was not earthen ground
standing in his pajamas on a path that urged
him to follow
his heart was in his throat , he found it
hard to swallow

jasmine drifted gently on a breeze
it's sweet scent didn't put him at ease
everywhere he looked there were only colors
of grey and blue
a distant bird warned him of danger in a
melancholoy coo

he followed the urge and began to move
his bare feet , on the path , felt every bump ,
every grove
he passed hedges neatly groomed
flower beds in full bloom
a sparkling blue brook
on the bridge he stopped to look
none of this beauty gave him peace of mind
he could feel the evil he'd soon find

at the end of the path he found a tomb
panic struck him as he remembered the bird
telling of his doom
a child's thought "I'm hungry", he heard
in the distant shadows tiny voices murmured

children's voices echoed maddening laughter
in the night
he knew he was done for when they came at
him in flight

they came at him from all sides , he had
nowhere to go
he struggled and fought as the blood
began to flow
he fell to his knees no longer able to fight
with weak cries he gave into his plight

they feasted not on his blood , but on his soul
and as they did all the blues and greys did