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The Night's Homecoming

this is a co-poem I wrote
with James Shields (Dark Poet)
I guess ya could call it more
of a story instead of a poem
we did it paragraph by paragraph

A Night's Homecoming

~lost innocence~
Silvery fingers from the moon caressed her face.
She closed her eyes and smiled.
Her gown moved in waves with the breeze,
brushing the tops of her bare feet.
The sheer fabric pressed gainst her body for a moment, then released.
Restrained only by silken ribbons, she awaited his touch.

~Dark poet~ Appearing from the shadows of this old house,
was the one she awaited.
He moved behind her like the shadows themselves.
Placing his hands on her shoulders he moved her hair
aside and placed thin lips to the bare flesh of her neck.
A kiss...a simple kissyet with heart.
He seemed to wear the darkness as a cloak
for his clothing was not yet visible.
His breath on her neck was likethe beeze itself,
stopping in silence he awaits to see her reation.

~lost innocence~ An ache had slowly built as she had anticipated his touch.
Now at last her love had arrived.
Her flesh tingled with desire as she turned to greet him.
She held back the urge to devour his body,
taste the salt of his skin.
She playfully smiled, traced his thin lips with her
fingertip, taunting the fire to burn.
~Dark Poet~
As she anticipated, his fire ignited into passion.
His desire to romance her and her to him seemed to become a reality.
In the moonlight through the window it was now clear what
he was wearing, a black t-shirt and black jeans.
His long blonde hair fell forward as he leaned in for a kiss.
A kiss that caressed her lips with an icy fire.
As he looked into her eyes, his own eyes spoke the same as his kiss.
His kiss seemed like an eternity, though it lasted for only a few seconds.
It was the feeling on both lovers' lips lingering that made it seem so long.

~lost innocence~
The fire in his kiss traveled to her heart and burned up
the last threads of restraint.
Melodies of the night creatures drifted in through the window
as the lovers' hearts danced together with the tune.
She reached for his hand and pulled it to her face.
She held it to her cheek for a moment then brought it to her lips.
With soft gestures, tender kisses, and gentle sighs,
she spoke her love.
A single tear formed in her eye...a release from solitude.
She smiled as the tear broke free and spoke,"What took you so long?".

~Dark Poet~
He responded with a thin lipped smile saying,"I love to watch you from the shadows."
Showering his face with kisses she soothed away his frustration
...the frustration of only watching one so lovely as she was.
He caressed her face with his right hand.
Knowing what this might be leading to, he traced
her lips with his thumb.
Admiring her beauty he proceeded to trace his hand
down her arm to her hand.
Lifting her hand to his lips to kiss. The pleasure that rushed through his body from such
a simple act was immense.

~lost innocence~