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blondie's cyber home

Shawn & Wendy AKA blondie
Behind the Cafe DuMonde
New Orleans, La.(oct. 1997)

Glad ya stopped by...
Welcome to my 'lil home....

this is an OOOLD site I'm trying to redo...
(started remodel job 2-28-06)
it may take me awhile so be patient...

u can click the links below to view
some of the old pages with more
pics & stuff on them

basic info about me:
i'm a single mom of 5 girls
yes, i said 5
2 r grown & gone
i have a small farm in central oklahoma
horses, goats, chickens, cats, fish, & 1 dog
i'm not looking to fill the other side
of my bed, so don't ask...
i don't have time for romance
or dating right now,
meeting new people is fun &
that's about all i'm up for
(more later)

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