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Betty's Haven
Many Sides Of Betty
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Greenleaf creek on Cedar Bluff road
Just across the creek and on up the hill there is a big old cement cellar where an old homeplace used to be. We waded the creek and walked up there on Easter Sunday when we had a picnic here. This picture was taken about 2 weeks later and the water in the creek wasn't as deep as it had been. Still.....

I just had to wade in it! lol
There was a fish swimming around in the shallow water this day. I could imagine the kids of years ago, playing in this creek and maybe the mom, washing clothes on the creek.

I just had to relax and enjoy listening to the different kinds of birds.
It was so peaceful and quiet here on Greenleaf creek. I found myself imagining what life must have been like for the people who had lived along this creek back before 42 when they had to move out for Camp Gruber to be developed. There had been homes all along this creek. Not far from where I am, there had been several places that I have explored. Old wells, cellars, rusted wash tubs, buckets and parts of rock foundations.
Next for My Fantastic Explorings! Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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