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Betty's Haven
 My Hinds Family
This is 2nd and 3rd sons of Ina and brothers to my mother, Dollie. On the left is Isaac, born in 1928 at Cookson, OK. On the right is George, born in 1931 at Beggs, OK. He died in 1953 and is buried in Greenleaf cemetery Southwest of Tahlequah, OK. This picture was taken in the late 30's at Cookson, OK. I really enjoyed being around my uncles. George was only 6 years older than me. He used to duck me under the water in the Illinois river while my grandmother, mom and aunts were washing clothes on the river gravel bar. He would play with us in tubs in the river. When he ducked me under the water, he would ask me what color the water was under there. I would reply, in my childish voice, "old gween". We would stay all night at the river and the adults would fish. Those were the "good old days" to me.
This is a picture of my uncle George not long before he died at the age of 21, just before his 22nd birthday. He died from heart trouble. He was such a good looking young man.  This pic was taken in CA, I think.
This is uncle George when he was discharged from the Army at age 17 or 18. He was discharged because of his heart. I took this picture in front of my grannie's house at Cookson, not far from the river where we used to wash the clothes and fish. We used to also cross the river in a flat bottom boat to go to the Cookson store to get our mail and grapette pop. Sometimes we would get peanut patty candy too. That was fun going to the store after crossing the river in a boat.
This is uncle George in his uniform after getting out of the Army. This picture was taken in front of our old car in front of our little log house where we lived on Stickross mountain in OK. I took this picture which was taken with a friend and my brother but I have cropped the photo for this page.
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