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More about Grandpa
LEWIS J. SANDERS was a deputy marshall in Indian Territory. Daddy said he carried a colt 45 I think. Daddy has seen the gun but didn't know what ever happened to it. Lewis was a Mason, his headstone has the Mason emblem on it. Lewis Sanders was born in a place called Garfield East of Braggs. He attended school at Garfield school on big Greenleaf creek for awhile, then South Bethel located West of Braggs in the sandhills. He stayed with his aunt Lucy Gafford Wiegand before he was married to MAUD PARSON SANDERS. He met Maud at his mother, Nancy Gafford Sanders Dunback Ziegler's house. Maud stayed with Nancy and Frank Ziegler for awhile when they lived at Eureka, OK. Lewis married Maud and they lived East of Braggs on  their allotted land. They built a one room log house with a fireplace in the back wall and a leanto kitchen on one end and a porch on the other end. Later they built two more big rooms across the front of the log house. They called them the sleeping rooms. I have a picture of the house. It had a long porch across the front facing West. The house first just had a rock foundation but they later added bricks and put some lightening rods across the roof. They had a wall telephone, the kind you had to crank to get an operator. Lewis and family farmed the land on Braggs prairie. They had several acres. Some of it was South of where the house was and it was good bottom land. It is under GREENLEAF LAKE now. The place where the house was is now in restricted Camp Gruber land. It is opened for hunting three months of the year.  I went down there during Archery season in December 1996 and found grandpa Lewis' CELLAR remains that he had built years ago. The rock walls are still there but a tree is growing in the place where the doorway used to be. The rock steps are still there though. Daddy said there was a dug well South of the cellar about thirty steps (thirty yards) and there was an old apple tree East of the well close to it. Daddy said the house sat back about three hundred steps (three hundred yards) East of the North South road and North of the East West road about ninety steps (ninety yards). He said there was another well East of the barn. The barn was North West of the house. The road (North and South) was West of the house and the barn. Lewis had a stroke when he was in his sixties and walked with a cane.
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