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waking up wet


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waking up wet is the best feeling in the world if you are feeling a little childish we call our selves infantilist and there are more of us than i thought possible so imagine how good i felt when i found this out i didnt feel like a freak so why do i like feeling like a little baby in the first place well ---it all started when i was a small boy my mother did a babysitting job on the time she wasnt at her part time job there was a couple of kids that we as little kids would torture because they were smaller than we were and they would get so scared that they would pee in their pants my mom would take them in the bath tub and give them a bath, spank them and then put a diaper on them it was fun to see this happen because of us bigger kids then one day - it was a 4th of july to be exact- at a bar-b-q i ate a lot of watermellon during the day and then just before i went to bed i ate a lot more needless to say i woke up wet my mom saw that i had wet underwear on when i went to the bathroom she imeadiatly went to check my bed it was soaked i must have pee-pee'd a couple of times that night anyway the next day i again had a piece or two too many because i wet my bed again mother went out and bought some pampers and when bedtime rolled around she put one on me this happened in the livingroom where my sisters and brothyer were watching t.v. while this was taking place my next door neighbors stopped in for a visit so here i was flat on my back naked with my mother lifting my legs up to put a diaper on me i then was directed to take the trash to the curb so it could be taken away by the trash truck the next morning the thing was i had to go out only in my diaper there was a lot of my freinds out in the empty lot across the street playing baseball i knew they were out there i was so afraid that they would start laughing at me it was so frightening that i wet my diaper right there it started leaking out around my legs so there is all of these people in the livingroom watching me be transformed in to a non-pottytrained 9 year old my mother was furrious that i had just leaked all over her new carpet that she took another diaper and took me out to the front porch and put it on me while i was standing up the kids accross the street saw this happen and started making jokes that night i had nightmares about waht had happened i had a dream i was going to the toilet to pee when i lifted the lid up i saw a monster in the toilet i guess that is when i wet in my diaper mom came in to wake me up to see if i was wet or dry it was soaked i had to wear a diaper all day long now this went on for two weeks when she fianally felt it was too expensive to wear all day but since i was still wetting the bed i had to wear them at night i found out that one of the kids that saw me get diapered happened to be a girl that i had a crush on she told me she saw it but she found that we had something in common thats is when i found out that i wasnt the only nine-year-old that still wet the bed she let me in on a secret that she did it on purpose because she liked wearing diapers and wanted me to wear diapers all day too this some how thrilled me so i started wetting my self around my mother as planned she bought cloth diapers and plastic pants for me to wear it became a part of my everyday attire now when she was away and wouldn't be back before i went to bed my sister would put the diaper on me because for some reason i still actually wet while i was asleep when i was 16 i stopped wetting my bed but was so attached to the diapers i couldnt stop so i wet my bed before i went to sleep or when i woke up every once in a while i would have a relapse and actually wet the bed this would get me sexually excited the plastic pants didnt fit any more so she got me a plastic sheet to put on my bed so i didnt have to wear a diaper at night this disapointed my sister now that she didnt get to diaper hre baby brother some times she would ask me if i wanted a diaper and sometimes i would let her put one on me my bedwetting girlfriend moved away which saddened me very much