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Surnames Associated with Tyner

First let me say the TYNER FAMILY has really been researched! I personally give alot of credit to Dennis Ward. Please email him with queries and information. (You can email me too! but he's really the expert!

The first Tyner we have record of is a man named Nicholas Tyner. Our family begins primarily with Dempsey Tyner b:08/04/1755 in Chowan, North Carolina. He married a woman named Obedience Sevier in about 1778. They had the following children Jackson, John, Reuben, Lewis,Jessee, Lee, Hiram, Fannie, Nancy, Nathan, Sevier, William, Martha.

I thought it would be interesting to relate some facts about some members of this family:
RUEBEN J. TYNER was married to JANE "JENNIE" CARTER December 3, 1811 in Roane, Tennessee. Rueben Tyner was listed on Old Settler Roll of 1851. He was 47 years old.
1817-1819 Register he lived near Highwassee River in SE Tennesse (6 in family)
Was emigrants for the Arkansas country - traded land east of Mississippi for land on Arkansas and White Rivers, Arkansas. (Treaty of July 1817)
Reuben and Jane were in Fort Gibson, IT in 1838.
FROM REV. SOLDIERS by Zella Armstrong pg 190. Served in Seminole War. B.B Cannon's Co 1st Reg TN Inf Cherokee War. Mustered in at Dallas, Hamilton Co, TN, 27 JUNE 1837 to serve 12 months.
HISTORY OF HAMILTON CO., by Zella Armstong: Reuben J. Tyner, named in the company that mustered in at Baton Rouge, LA, 9 MAY 1838, 2nd Seminole War. Capt. D.A. Wild's Company, Tennessee Mounted Volunteers, Major William Lauderdale's Battalion, in Florida or Seminole War as taken from records of the War Department.
Jane Carter was Full Blood Indian.

Here is a couple of interesting stories about some of Reuben and Jane's children:
Nathan Tyner married a woman named Betsy. NOTES FROM MADELINE CAROL BIRD SIEVERT:Nathan and Betsy lived on Bird Creek. Our Big Reuben R. Tyner married Almyra Virgina Irons July 3, 1868 and moved in with Nathan and Betsy from Fort Gibson lived 6 months then moved to Silver Lake on Caney River (South of Bartlesville 1869) had a general store with Joe Bennett and Sabrina Bennett (traded with the Osages for buffalo hides). Born here were: Fannie, Emma, and Jackson. In 1875 they moved south of Ochelata (now) built a log house and later used it for a barn. Emmett was born in it. Later built a good log house where May, Leonard, Weaver and Laura were born, later they built the first frame house in this part of the country--lumber and brick supplies brought from Coffeyville, Kansas. (All needed groceries and supplies were brought from Coffeyville at this time.) In this house were born Frank, Maude and Wallace. Mr. Reuben R. Tyner died here in 1902. Mrs. Rueben R. Tyner died near her daughter's (Laura Sears) in 1935. Fannie and Emma went to Tahlequah and Muskogee Spaulding College. Emmett, May Laura, Maude went to Friends Mission at Hillside 1900-1901. There were community schools near by at this time. 1898 near Twin Mounds (west of West Mound) Austin town, 2 stores. In it were 5 Boones, 5 Sears, 5 Tyners, 4 Kreager, 2 Nola and Bert Greenwood. When they had a store at Silver Lake the men had gone to Coffeyville, Kansas, for supplies-- A band of Osages rode in yelling and said they were going to tear up things. Mrs. Tyner reached under the counter and drew her pistol. They laughed and said they were good friends of Mr. Tyner and then they tried to cheat her in trading their buffalo hides for calico and buttons. This was just after the Dalton brothers had "shot up" Coffeyville. A man named Keeler wanted R.R. Tyner to run cattle in his name for Keeler but he wouldn't do it. White men couldn't run cattle on Cherokee Land. R.R. Tyner loved orchards--got apple seeds from a woman in Caney, Kansas and planted a large orchard--people hauled the fruit away in wagon loads. He had many varieties--Pippin--Astrica and others--stored them in the cellar over the winter. They always had some extras to care for. One winter, 1896, Rev. Nathan Bragg with 5 in his family, 9 Tyners and 4 grandchildren spent the winter at Reuben Tyner's home, 18 in all!
Jackson Tyner was first married to Delilah Seabolt then to Letitia Keys. Jackson Tyner was Judge of Cooweeskoowee District 1861-1867 during the Civil War. Senator from Chreokee Nation to Washington, DC 1859.

This is little sampling of the kinds of stories that has been told about this family throughout the years. Needless to say there is much more!
Please email Dennis or me for more information or to join the TYNER MAILING LIST! Lot's of good Tyner info comes off there!


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