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Thomas Jefferson RAINS was born on April 27, 1863 in Tennessee, and died December 26, 1939 in Comanche County, OK. He married Sarah Elizabeth "Nellie" NOLAN on October 10, 1882 in Maury County, Tennessee. She was born May 23, 1864 in Tennessee, and died September 11, 1932 in Duncan, Stephens County, OK. Thomas Jefferson RAINS was the son of Joseph Luther Dunn RAINS and Martha A. WILLIAMS. Joseph Luther Dunn RAINS was born about 1821 in Tennessee, and was the son of James John RAINS and Sarah ?. Joseph RAINS died April 10, 1871 in Hampshire, Maury County, Tennessee. He was also married to Nancy Pernica AKIN. Martha A. WILLIAMS RAINS was born about 1824 in Tennessee, and died January 3, 1922 in Duncan, Stephens County, OK. Joseph Luther Dunn RAINS was a clergyman for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Thomas Jefferson RAINS, Sarah Elizabeth "Nellie" NOLEN RAINS, and Martha A. WILLIAMS RAINS are all buried in the Duncan Cemetery, in Duncan, Stephens County, OK. On her death certificate, the parents of M. A. WILLIAMS RAINS are listed as Wylie WILLIAMS and ? ARINGTON It shows that Wylie WILLIAMS was born in Alabama, and doesn't show where ? ARINGTON was born.

The siblings of Thomas Jefferson RAINS are Mary Frances RAINS born in 1864 in Maury Co., TN who married Will COX, Jennie Alice RAINS born in 1866 in Maury County, TN, and died in Ellis Co., TX on January 27, 1918. She married John Lewis GRIMES, Wiley C. RAINS born November 10, 1867 in Maury Co., TN, and died in Ellis Co., TX on July 9, 1891. He married Jennie POWERS, Alonzo L. RAINS born in 1869 in Maury Co., TN, and Walter Jasper RAINS born in Maury Co., TN in June 1870, and died in Ellis Co., TX. Thomas Jefferson RAINS also had half/siblings born to father Joseph Luther Dunn RAINS and Nancy Pernica AKIN. They were: Helen Jane RAINS born about 1839 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN who died August 2, 1910 in Maury Co., TN. She married Tyre KNOWLES on February 1, 1865 in Maury Co., TN; George Luther RAINS born January 17, 1841 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN, and died February 15, 1923. He is buried in the Pisgah Church Cemetery in Maury Co., TN. He married Selena Elvira HAINES on January 21, 1868 in Hampshire, TN; Rosanah RAINS and Sarah A. RAINS born in 1844 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN; Mary Elizabeth RAINS b. in May 1845 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN, and married Alexander P. WILLIAMS on November 30, ?? in Maury Co., TN; William Henry RAINS born March 1, 1848 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN, and died January 24, 1920 in Midlothian, Ellis Co., TX, and is buried in the Sardis Cemetery, about 5 mmiles west of Waxahachie, TX. He married Sarah Savanna STEPHENSON on January 21, 1869 in Maury Co., TN; R. Joseph RAINS born about 1852 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN; James E. RAINS born in 1856 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN; Synthia M. P. RAINS in 1859 near Hampshire, Maury Co., TN, and died January 3, 1900 in Ellis Co., TX. She married James F. CAVENDER on Feburary 15, 1880 in Ellis Co., TX.


Bertie Nora RAINS born July 25, 1884 in Middle Tennessee (probably Maury Co., TN) married Riley B. (Bob) BARKER on June 15, 1901 in Fannin County, Texas.


Austin Albert BARKER born June 3, 1905 in Lamar County, Texas near Blossom, died December 6, 1984 in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma, married Martha Wanata LYNN.


Benny Don BARKER

Barbara Diane BARKER

Clarence Raymond BARKER born May 13, 1909 at Palmer, Ellis County, Texas, died January 3, 1990 in Meridian, Stephens County, Oklahoma, married Bonnie Hyicinth YORK SCOTT on December 28, 1937 in Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma.


Reba Sue BARKER married Donnie Calvin HALL.


Scott Alan HALL

Melissa Gay HALL

Quentin G. BARKER born June 7, 1918 in Hulen, Oklahoma, died January 5, 1998 in Ramona, California, married on August 28, 1936 in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma Willie May SADLER, born January 21, 1921, and died abt 1995 in Ramona, California.


Patsy Merle BARKER

Carolyn Sue BARKER

Judith Joan "Judy" BARKER

Glenda Gale BARKER

Ronnie Stephen BARKER

Phyllis Kay BARKER

Virginia Jane "Cookie" BARKER

Karen Jean BARKER

Dennis Dene BARKER

Douglas Dale BARKER

Willard Earnest RAINS born April 7, 1885 in Maury County, Tennessee married Grace Teresa FUZZELL on December 24, 1907 in Mangum, Greer Co., OK. Grace was b. July 23, 1891 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Willard Ernest RAINS died about 1951 in Newburg, Yamhill County, OR.


Lester RAINS born December 7, 1908 in Oklahoma, died in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.

Clarence RAINS born May 1910 in Oklahoma, died 1930 in Mesa, Arizona.

Lerline RAINS born January 5, 1912 in Oklahoma, and died in Modesto, California.

Marvin Jackson RAINS born January 21, 1915 in Oklahoma.

Floyd RAINS born July 9, 1917 in Oklahoma, and died abt 1990 in Oregon.

Lena Lahoma RAINS born in Texas.

Jess RAINS born on January 27, 1923 in Oklahoma,, died October 6, 1997.

Josephine RAINS born May 1925, and died in 1927.

Loran RAINS born February 6, 1927 in Oklahoma.

Clara RAINS born in Oklahoma.

Thomas Jefferson RAINS, Jr. born abt. 1892 in Texas married Bertha "Bird" FUZZELL, and died about 1962 in Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon.


Lucille RAINS

Eugene "Gene" RAINS

Carlyn RAINS

Jessie Leora RAINS born abt. 1894 in Texas, died abt 1949 in Stonewell, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, married Joe PRICE.


Eunice W. PRICE b. 1912. Died 1926.

Thelma Bertie PRICE b. 1913, died about 1994.

Condon PRICE b. October 3, 1914, died January 24, 1917.

Wendell PRICEb. 1917, died at Stonewall of emphasema.

Gertie Lee PRICE b. 1918, and died 1985 of a stroke.

Mary Nell PRICE died at about age 6 of typhoid.

Orval PRICE b. 1920. Still living in 2004.

William Jennings Bryant RAINS born May 24,1897 in Texas, and died April 9, 1966 in Lawton, Comanche County, OK. He married Ethel TATE.


Dorothy RAINS

Maxine RAINS

Mary Oma "Omie" RAINS

Henry Campbell RAINS born April 7, 1907 in Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas, married Lula Mae JOHNSON on October 15, 1932 in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma. Henry Campbell RAINS died August 19, 1999 in Duncan, Stephens County, OK, and is buried in Resthaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Duncan, Stephens County, OK.


Barbara Nell RAINS married William Forrest"Bill" MOONEY

Thomas Henry RAINS married Martha (PRIVATE)




Mattie ALLEN born abt. 1901 in Texas. [Nellie's niece raised by the RAINS.} She married Chester WILLIAMS on January 14, 1918 in Duncan, Stephens County, OK.



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