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Riley B. BARKER was born December 25, 1875 in Lee County, Mississippi. He was the son of Albert Charles BARKER and Sarah BOTTS. Riley BARKER married Bertie Nora RAINS on June 15, 1901 in Fannin County, Texas. Bertie Nora RAINS was born July 25, 1884 in Middle Tennessee probably in Maury County to Thomas Jefferson RAINS and Sarah Ellen Nellie NOLEN. Their first child, Austin Albert BARKER was born June 5, 1905 in Lamar County, Texas near Blossum. Their second son Clarence Raymond BARKER was born May 13, 1909 in Ellis County, Texas near Palmer. Their youngest son, Quentin G. BARKER was born June 7, 1918 in Hulen, Oklahoma. At the time they moved to Oklahoma, there was an oil boom. Riley and Bertie BARKER settled in Comanche County, OK some time before the 1920 Census was taken, in the vicinity of Hulen, OK. At the time it was a tent city with more people coming there all the time. There was a large grocery store in Hulen while they lived there. Riley worked in the oil fields until he hurt his back and could no longer do streneous labor. Then they moved to Duncan, in Stephens County, OK where they were living when they died. Riley served as baliff in the Stephens County jail. Riley B. BARKER was a nice looking young man. He was slender, had beautiful blue eyes, and his hair was white by the time I came on the scene. He always wore a felt hat, year around. He had a terrific memory. He would tell me tales of his childhood back in Mississippi. I learned early not to argue with him about Tupelo. I could read something out of a book about Tupelo and the changes being made there, but he remembered it like he did when he lived there all those many years ago. I would guess that Riley stood about 6'2". None of his sons were as tall as he was. Bertie Nora RAINS on the other hand was a short woman, with black hair, and pretty blue eyes, and olive complexion. The picture of her with Riley, Austin and Raymond BARKER shows her as a beautiful young woman. Riley B. BARKER died on January 5, 1970 in Duncan, Stephens Co., OK and was buried at the Old Velma Cemetery in Velma, Stephens County, OK. Bertie BARKER fell broke her hip, and was hospitalized to see if they could fix it. She never left the hospital alive. Her children looked more like her as they grew older, especially Austin BARKER. Since the RAINS were shorter of stature, I think all of Riley and Bertie's children got their height from the RAINS family rather than the BARKER'S. During the hard times, Bertie Nora RAINS BARKER took in washing to help support her family. Jobs were hard to come by and with three growing boys, and Riley needed her help. I'm not sure when it happened, but my grandmother told me that she lost twin boys. I don't know if it was in between Austin and Raymond or in between Raymond and Quentin. I was also told my her brother Henry RAINS that she lost her first baby, a boy, that was named after Riley. If that happened, I assume the baby was buried in Texas in Fannin or Lemar County, but have not found a grave yet. He would have been born between 1901 when they were married and 1905 when Austin BARKER was born. Bertie Nora [RAINS] BARKER died in Weedn Hospital in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma on June 9, 1958, and was buried in Old Velma Cemetery in Velma, Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Sarah F. [BOTTS] BARKER the mother of Riley B. BARKER is buried in Duncan Cemetery in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma. Also buried in the same block is George W. BARKER another son of Albert Charles BARKER who was born January 1, 1889 in Lee County, Mississippi, and died June 20, 1960 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Minnie Lee [BARKER] PARKS the wife of Hugh P. PARKS and the daughter of Albert Charles BARKER and Sarah F. [BOTTS] BARKER. Minnie Lee BARKER was born September 18, 1877 in Lee County, Mississippi, and died September 23, 1960 in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma. Buried beside her is her husband Hugh P. PARKS who was born December 20, 1887 in Prentiss County, Mississippi, and who died of a sudden heart attack in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma on July 21, 1959. George W. BARKER had one son Cloyd W. BAKRER born in 1920 to George and wife Veona L. [?] BARKER. George W. BARKER was later married to Nellie May PIERCE but that union was not blessed with any children. Nellie May [PIERCE] BOGART had four daughters, Marie BOGART, Louise BOGART, Shirley BOGART, and Barbara BOGART by her first husband Leonard H. BOGART. Leonard H. BOGART and Nellie May [PIERCE] BOGART BARKER are also buried in the Duncan Cemetery in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma. This page is under construction...please come again!

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