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Angharad the Weaver

Personal Data

Greetings, my name is Angharad n'ha Cerridwen. I am a weaver and a mother in Darkover. I live in the city of Dalereuth, where I live with my children and run my business.

To enter my shop, click on the door

For more about me and my family, click on the book
To visit the Dalereuth Guildhouse where I live, click on the door
To visit my neighbour Mikaella's Art Shop, click on the art supplies and you will be there.
For something to read, visit my sister Eliadha's Bookshop (click on the books)
To satisfy a sweet tooth, visit my sister Leisha's Sweet Shop.

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The creatrix of this site is Angharad n'ha Cerridwen.
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