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'Healing from The Good Earth'

I started on an adventure several years ago, in my quest for more knowledge about the Indian herbal medicine systems. In doing so, I have encountered an entire world of guarded remedies, secreted volumes, and miraculous cures.

The system of herbal healing is not limited to the American Indian, it used by all of the 'original Tribes' throughout the world. Each with their own unique methods of healing for a particular illness or disease. From the common cold to cancer, there are miraculous cures and remedies that are free for the taking from 'Mother Earth'.

Today there are hundreds of patented medicines on the market that originally came from the American Indian. Many of the medicinal items we rely upon, such as aspirin, eyedrops, and anti-biotics are all derived from Indian herbal remedies.

My personal background comes not only from the many facets of western medicine, but from my Cherokee heritage of Indian medicine. Being schooled in the scientific aspects, I continue to follow my training by researching the medicines and finding out why they work. But more importantly, I look at each herb with the respect held by my ancestral memory and continue to maintain that aura of magic that surrounds each and every herbal remedy.

Indian Medicine is a practical system of thought - it is not merely hocus-pocus and folklore. Individual sources of strength and purpose can be discovered by using the powers of Indian medicine. These are "Ancient Tools" which have been kept alive throughout the history of man for a significant purpose.

I hope to share this knowledge with everyone. Information about herbal remedies, stories of how the remedies came to be, research items, and natural foods. I will share my knowledge and the knowledge of others on these herbal wonders of

'Healing From The Good Earth'.

"Native American Medicine is based on widely held beliefs about healthy living, the repercussions of disease-producing behavior, and the spiritual principles that restore balance." These beliefs are shared by all tribes; however, the methods of diagnosis and treatment vary greatly from tribe to tribe and healer to healer. The healing traditions of Native Americans have been practiced in North America since at least 12,000 years ago and possibly as early as 40,000 years ago. Many aspects of Native American healing have been kept secret and are not written down. The traditions are passed down by word of mouth from elders, from the spirits in vision quests, and through initiation. It is believed that sharing healing knowledge too readily or casually will weaken the spiritual power of the medicine. There are, however, many Native American healers who recognize that writing down their healing practices is a way to preserve these practices for future generations. Many also believe that sharing their healing ways and values may help all people to come into a healthier balance with nature and all forms of life. Native American medicine can benefit anyone who sincerely wishes to live a life of wholeness and balance. These benefits may be physical, emotional, or spiritual.


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