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Here's the sequel: part 16!!!!! Sorry it wasn't working at first, but i just fixed it!!

*The Next Part of the sequel to this story will be up soon! so keep checking back!

Chapter 1: My BeSt FriEnD

Chapter 2: TaY

Chapter 3: The NeXt DaY

Chapter 4: DomiNiQuE & TaY

Chapter 5: BaNd PrAcTiCe

Chapter 6: MMMBoP By: TaYloR HaNsOn

Chapter 7: ThE PlaNs FoR thE ConCeRt

Chapter 8: BeFoRe Our PrEfoRmAnCe

Chapter 9: HaNsoN

Chapter 10: ThE StaRs Of All OkLaHoMa

Chapter 11: In ThE eNd

The SeQuel: PaRt 1

*The SeQuel: Part 2*

The SeQueL: PaRt 3

ThE SeQuEl: PaRt 4

The SeQuel: Part 5

The SeQuel: Part 6

The SeQueL: PaRt 7

The SeQuel: PaRt 8

The SeQuel: PaRt 9

Part 10: Home At Last

Part 11: Thinking Back

The SeQuel: Part 12

The Sequel: Part 13

The Sequel: Part 14

The Sequel: Part 15

The Sequel: Part 16


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