Welcome all you pukes to my humble home on the net StarbeLLy. This page has had a complete and total makeover. Everything has been changed and is more catagorized for your convinience so you better appreciate it. Check out LEGGO MY EGO just some rants and raves about the incomplete x chromosome. Or if you have a mind to visit DANCE TO THE SOUND OF A SUICIDE next on the list is the one the only you guessed it...

REJECT ALL AMERICAN yes thats right BIKINI KILL-total in your face punk. Hey got yr own homepage then join some of these rings you fuck so everyone else can see it, CLICK HERE then check out STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED WORDS..... Anyone into HOMICIDAL LESBIAN TERRORISTS ? Also there's a few PUNK ROCK PUKE LINkS Well thats about all for now but there will be updates on all of these pages as soon as i get it together......i promise. And I would like to THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE.

PuNk SLuT 77's MeSsAge BoArd

"Feminism is a socialist anti-family political govement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitolism and become lesbians." Reverand Pat Robertson

go ahead, START A RIOT, revolution grrrl style now

tHiS sItE iS cUrReNtLy UnDeR cOnStRuCtIoN sO pLeAsE bE pAtIeNt.AnY oF tHe InFoRmAtIoN oR pIcTuReS yOu SeE uP hErE hAvE bEeN pUt Up wItHoUt CoPyRiGhT oR pErMiSsIoN bLaH BlAh bLaH.

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