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The purple hippo cafe

Hey! Common in! Sit down, enjoy so coffee! Read or look at pictures. Visit the stage where a new artist is featured every month by 'clicking' on the mike! Or you can go read my stories by 'clicking' on the Library. 'Click' on the book and go to read about Hanson, or the camera were you can see pic's of BSB, N'sync and Hanson. The smiley face goes to a page to learn about the creater of this page, Me! The paper goes to the poetry and the arrow with exit on it goes to my favorite Links!

all right! I'm going to be adding info on BSB and N'sync in the info section sometime and more sections to this page! If there are any artists you'd like to see on the page or as artist of the month I'd love to hear you suggestions!

Hey I got a question, What is a sister or Brother site and how do you get one. Its just a question that has been on my mind. Email me at if you can answer me.

My yahoo pager is Liss15_98 or SpidaLiss I'm a very friendly person to talk to!

Hey sign the guestbook! please!

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Every now and then I draw pics of Hanson on my computer so I decided to put them up!