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The Sooner Club of Las Vegas

The Sooner Club of Las Vegas is a support group of the University of Oklahoma. Membership is open to alumni, friends and Sooner fans in the southern Nevada area.

Our purpose is to:

Provide fellowship for alumni and friends of OU

Encourage a better informed alumni body

Promote the interests and needs of the University in the community

Our main goal is to provide an annual academic scholarship to a graduating senior from the Clark County School District in Southern Nevada. Funds for the scholarship come from membership dues and tax-deductible donations from our members. They are matched dollar for dollar by the University, effectively doubling our scholarship amount.

We thank you for your continuing support.


Glen Williams - President

Kevin Morsey - Vice President

Bryan Kurz - Scholarship Chair

Brian Nixon - Steering and Planning Committee Chair

For more information about the Sooner Club of Las Vegas, contact Glen Williams at or call (702) 927-6184.


Dues If you pay by check, make it out to "OU Foundation." You may pay with cash too, but you won't get a receipt for your taxes. Dues are our primary source of money to fund our scholarship and pay for our halftime giveaways. Send your check to: Sooner Club of Las Vegas / 8201 Hydra Lane / Las Vegas, NV 89128.

Sugar Bowl recap. Bob and Mike Stoops can be very proud of their players as we all are. What a performance. Other than three or four big plays that resulted from too many missed tackles or bad decisions, the Sooners played great on offense, defense and special teams. We were fortunate that on the one punt return for a TD that Alabama was flagged for two "blocks in the back." Trevor had a spectacular (K)night, our receivers made some big and tough catches all night (many while being hit as the ball got to them), our re-worked O-line played outstanding and our defense sacked McCarron 7 times, had two picks and had good coverage most of the game. The coverage is what allowed us to get the two picks, most of the sacks and also forced McCarron to throw the ball away four or five times. And they say the Big XII can't play defense! The SEC defenses only sacked AJ 10 times all year. I emailed Alabama's schedule to the Sooner Club members before the game and pointed out that they were overrated all year. They played two teams with 10 wins all year and the result...they lost both games. Most of their games were against average SEC teams and Bishop-Gorman High School could have beaten several of their opponents. I'm not taking anything away from Bama, though. They've been the best team in the country the past two years, but anyone that tells you the Big XII is inferior to the SEC is full of...themselves. I'm pretty sure to work at ESPN, you have to get an SEC tattoo on your derrier.

With the Sugar Bowl win, Oklahoma and Coach Stoops are the only team / head coach to have won all four BCS Bowls during the 16 year BCS period. We beat Florida State in the Orange Bowl, Washington State in the Rose Bowl, UCONN in the Fiesta Bowl and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Oklahoma has been ranked number 1, ranked in the top 5 and ranked in the top 10 in the BCS polls more than any other team. Only one team has played in more BCS Bowls (Ohio State 10; Oklahoma 9). Depending on the outcome of the Florida State vs Auburn game, OU will probably be ranked anywhere from 4th to 6th in the final BCS Bowl. Prediction (My poll): FSU-1, Michigan State-2, Missouri-3, OU-4, South Carolina-5, Auburn-6, Oregon-7, Alabama-8, UCF-9 and Ohio State-10. Prediction (BCS): FSU-1, MSU-2, Mizzou-3, SoCar-4, OU-5, Aub-6, Ore-7, Ala-8, Ohio St-9, UCF-10.

The new T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are here. Contact Glen Williams at 702-927-6184 or if you want to meet to purchase some. All profits from the shirts will go into our scholarship fund. T-shirts $20, Sweatshirts $25, Hoodies $30

Check out our website at You can also Like us on Facebook. Tammi Tiger did an outstanding job creating both the website and our Facebook page for us! You can also email us at

Our final football watch party of the season will be on Thursday, January 2nd, at 5:30 PM Pacific. The game will be on ESPN. We will be watching the Sugar Bowl at the LaPiazza Italian Restaurant and Sports Bar at 1000 North Main Street. It's on the northeast corner of Main and Washington, about 1/2 mile north of Main Street Station. It is part of the Best Western Hotel there. It is one block east of I-15, but be advised the Washington exit is now closed due to road construction on I-15. You can get to Main Street by going east on US 95 and taking the first exit east of the Spaghetti Bowl, then making alea right turn at the first light onto Stewart and then another right turn onto Main Street in front of Main Street Station.

Yes, I want to be a member of the Sooner Club of Las Vegas. Annual membership in the Sooner Club of Las Vegas is $20 (Joint or Individual membership)

To become a member of the Sooner Club of Las Vegas, send a check payable to the OU Foundation and the following information:





Home Phone (optional)

Cell Phone (optional)

Email Address


Sooner Club of Las Vegas

8201 Hydra Ln

Las Vegas, NV 89128

Last updated - August 17, 2013

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