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The Sooner Club of Las Vegas

The Sooner Club of Las Vegas is a support group of the University of Oklahoma. Membership is open to alumni, friends and Sooner fans in the southern Nevada area.

Our purpose is to:

Provide fellowship for alumni and friends of OU

Encourage a better informed alumni body

Promote the interests and needs of the University in the community

Our main goal is to provide an annual academic scholarship to a graduating senior from the Clark County School District in Southern Nevada. Funds for the scholarship come from membership dues and tax-deductible donations from our members. They are matched dollar for dollar by the University, effectively doubling our scholarship amount.

We thank you for your continuing support.

Glen Williams - President

Kevin Morsey - Vice President

Bryan Kurz - Scholarship Chair

Brian Nixon - Steering and Planning Committee Chair

For more information about the Sooner Club of Las Vegas, contact Glen Williams at or call (702) 927-6184.

Annual dues are $20. If you pay by check, please make it out to "OU Foundation." Dues go into our Scholarship Fund and are tax deductible. You may pay with cash if you prefer. Send checks to: Sooner Club of Las Vegas / 8201 Hydra Lane / Las Vegas, NV 89128.

Our watch party location is La Piazza Italian Restaurant and Sports Bar on the northeast corner of Main Street and Washington. The address is 1000 North Main Street and is about 1/2 mile due north of the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. It is part of an America's Best Value Inn.

We have Sooner Club of Las Vegas T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and poker chips for sale. Contact Glen Williams at 702-927-6184 or if you want to meet to purchase any of these items. All profits from the shirts and poker chips will go to our scholarship fund. T-shirts are $20, sweatshirts are $25 and hoodies are $30. Poker chips are $2 each, 3 for $5 or 7 for $10.

Check out our other website at You can also Like us on Facebook or email us at

No Kudos to hand out after a disappointing performance in the Orange Bowl. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting pretty tired of losing to Clemson. We lost to a team with a one dimensional read/option quarterback who should not have been invited to New York for the Heisman presentation. Kennan Reynolds of Navy is head and shoulders a much better QB. We had an impressive opening drive that resulted in 7 points. It seemed after that Lincoln wasn't happy with the play sequence because he changed it up and we never ran another series like the first one. We should have stuck with the run game and thrown more short passes of the 5-15 yard variety to the tight end, running backs out of the backfield and the wide receivers. Clemson blitzed a lot and if you want to stop a blitz, you have to strike them in the holes created by the blitzing LB's or CB's with quick passes. I was very disappointed in our defense too. Going into the game, we knew Clemson would run better than 50 per cent of the time with the read/option. We had been stopping running games all season, but couldn't figure out how to stop Clemson's running game. The coaches better be studying a lot of game film in the off season, because we open with Houston next season and they run a similar style offense I believe. We will also be playing Ohio State in game three and they like to run their QB too. We need to shut down running games and be able to cover man-to-man. After Ohio State, we jump right into conference play against TCU.

The Sooner men's team jumped out to a 12-0 record and a number one ranking in the coaches poll before losing a nail-biter by three points in triple overtime at Kansas. You can check the schedule on All of our games are televised on one of four ESPN networks with the exception of one game on CBS. Our next two games are Wednesday, 13 Jan, at Oklahoma State on ESPNU (208 DirecTV) and West Virginia in Norman on Saturday, 16 Jan, at 1:00 PM on ESPN2 (209 DirecTV). The women's team is 12-3 and is ranked 17th in the polls. They beat Kansas State 68-58 on Sunday, 10 Jan. Their next game is Saturday, 16 Jan, at 10:00 AM at Oklahoma State. The game will be on Fox Sports Southwest.

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