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2004 All-Conference Team - Men's Soccer
SAC Defensive Player of the Year: Pablo Fernandez, John Brown University
SAC Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Clark, Oklahoma Christian University
SAC Most Valuable Player of the Year: Matt Clark, Oklahoma Christian University
SAC Newcomer of the Year: Fabio Pires, Oklahoma Baptist University
SAC Coach of the Year: Mark Persson, Southern Nazarene University
First Team
Goalkeeper: Pablo Fernandez, John Brown 
Defender: Robert Oguda, Southern Nazarene 
Defender: Darko Naumoski, Southern Nazarene 
Defender: Marcus Williams, USAO 
Defender: Jonathan Oman, USAO 
Midfield: Thomas Siranga, Southern Nazarene 
Midfield: Adam Day, USAO 
Midfield: Daniel Agina, Southern Nazarene 
Midfield: Fabio Pires, Oklahoma Baptist 
Forward: Dominique Nayaga, Southern Nazarene 
Forward: Matt Clark, Oklahoma Christian 

Second Team
Goalkeeper: Caleb Mullins, Oklahoma Christian 
Defender: Aaron Schaffer, John Brown 
Defender: John Boswell, Oklahoma City 
Defender: Sean Dugan, Oklahoma City 
Defender: Nickson Odeny, Oklahoma Baptist 
Midfield: Davor Gazivoda, Southern Nazarene 
Midfield: Diego Carluccio, St. Gregory’s 
Midfield: Thiago Silva, Oklahoma Baptist 
Midfield: Casey Kurdna, Oklahoma Christian 
Forward: Nene Coulibaly, USAO 
Forward: Marcos Silva, Oklahoma Baptist