Steph's Page Of Hanson and other things only weirdos love!

Hi!!! Welcome to, uh, my page! I haven't been updating at all lately, but I'm starting a *new* page. I'll put a link to it here once I finish it! Bye!

My pet page--they're sooo---ooo cute!!!!
Palzeez (just click here!!!)
My *new* GooGoo Dolls Page!!!
This is Taz, he's a bit cubby, but he soo---oooo cute, isn't he?!?!

Here's me and Isaac hanson (yeah, my dreams!):

Here's me and Taylor (I wish):

Here Zac and I: (I'm in a dream world!)

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Here's a present for ya:

Don't *hiccup* Drink *hiccup* too Mu*hiccup*ch!!!!