Chapter 11

Mall Adventure

Steph, Taylor, Zac, Isaac, and Heather walked into Sam Goody. Steph and Heather walked over to the CD's and started to skim through them for anything good. Nothing that they wanted and didn't have. They worked their way over to where the Hanson imports were and started looking at all of them. Heather saw a few she didn't have and decided to buy them.

Once Heather had paid for the CD's, she and Steph started looking around the store for Taylor, Zac, and Isaac. They found them looking through the posters in the back of the store. Steph walked up behind Tay and tugged on his rattail. He turned around, startled. Then he kissed her, once he noticed who she was.

"What did you get?" Zac asked Heather.

"Some import CD's."

"Which ones?" he persisted.

Heather replied, "Your two latest ones, I didn't have them."

Suddenly, two girls ran up to the group and started screaming, "It's Hanson! It's Hanson! It's Hanson!" Everyone looked at the two girls, who were pointing and jumping and flipping out.

Zac decided to play dumb, "Where's Hanson?"

"You're Hanson!" The taller girl screamed.

Zac looked at the girls, "I am? I always thought I was Zac!" The girl's face turned red while everyone else snickered at Zac sarcasm.

"Can we have your autographs?" the other girl asked.

Ike looked at the girls, "Do you have anything for us to sign with or to sign?"

"Stay here," the taller girl said. Both of the girls ran away. They came back seconds later, carrying some Hanson import CD's. One girl handed a CD to Taylor, the other handed it to Zac. They took markers out of their pockets and handed it to the brothers.

Once all the brothers had signed the CD's, the girls smiled. "You're Taylor's new girlfriend, right?" one of them asked Steph. She shook her head yes.

Tay grabbed Steph's hand, "We better go get some lunch. I'm kinda hungry." He dragged Steph away without saying goodbye to the girls.

Everyone sat down at a table in McDonald's. Ike and Tay got up, "What do you all want?" Isaac asked.

"I want a chicken nugget Happy Meal with honey and a diet Coke," Steph replied quickly.

"A number four," Heather said, reaching into her pocket to take out some money. She took out a five and held it out for Isaac to take.

"No, that's okay," Isaac said. "I'll pay for it." He smiled.

Zac told his brothers what he wanted, then they walked away. Once they got over to the long line behind the counter, Isaac started to talk to his brother. "Why did you rush out of Sam Goody?"

Taylor looked over at Steph. "That one girl, the taller one, she was starting to piss me off. She kept staring at me and Steph and making this face."

"Well, Taylor, She probably favored you and hates Steph for dating you," Isaac explained.

"I know," Taylor said. "But, it bothers me."

"You can't expect every girl not to care that you're dating someone," Isaac said. Finally, they were at the register.


Taylor put the tray down on the table the sat down on the bench seat by Steph while Isaac got everyone some napkins and straws. Taylor noticed the two girls from Sam Goody sit down at the Table next to him and he quickly grabbed Steph's chin and kissed her. She blushed lightly then turned back to her food to eat. One of the girls walked over to their table, "Wow! We meet again." Taylor rolled his eyes. "We never introduced ourselves," the girl continued. "I'm Jenny and that's Vanessa."

The other girl, Vanessa walked over and joined the conversation. "Don't mind Jenny, she's a little crazy." Taylor smiled at the girls, trying to hold back that he really wanted them to go away.

Jenny suggested, "Why don't we all get a bigger table, then we can have lunch together?"

"Okay," Zac said. "How about that table?" He pointed to a big table in to on the other side of the restaurant that was unoccupied. Taylor gave him a dirty look before they all picked up their food and walked over to the table. Steph sat on the bench seat. Tay quickly sat beside her, then Vanessa. Tay rolled his eyes. Zac and Isaac sat on the other side, then Heather sat down by Zac before Jenny could. Jenny pulled a chair away from another table, brought it over to their table, put it by Isaac, then sat down. They all started eating their food.

"So," Vanessa asked, "What brings you all to Woodbridge?"

Zac replied, "Steph wanted us to meet Heather."

Suddenly, Vanessa leaned her head on Taylor's shoulder and put her hand on his thigh, slowly sliding it to between his two legs. He rolled his eyes, totally annoyed. "I have to pee," he announced as her pushed Steph out of the way, and Vanessa fell onto the seat, hurting the side of her head that was on Taylor's shoulder. Taylor lightly giggled. He stood up, grabbing Steph's hand and forcing her to stand up with him.

"You need help urinating?" Vanessa asked, trying to sound intelligent. Taylor shook his head yes then dragged Steph into the mens' bathroom. Once they got in there, there were no other people in there. Steph looked at Tay, very confused. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she asked. Tay locked the door. "I hate that bitch!"

"Which one?" Steph questioned.

"Vanessa. She thinks she's all that and that I'm gonna ditch you just for her."

"How do you know? You just met her!!!" Steph exclaimed.

Taylor rolled his eyes, "I just know," he stated.

"So sorry for doubting you, Mr. I know Everything." Steph joked. She waited a few seconds, then continued, "I thought you had to pee."

"I do," Taylor said.

"Well then I'll leave you and the potty alone," Steph stated, turning toward the door.

"You can stay," Tay said, "I don't care."

"I'd love to stay and watch you pee, but not in a public rest room." Steph let out a soft giggle.

Taylor walked over to her and pushed her against the door. He brushed his lips against hers and whispered in her ear, "You can stay." Steph kissed him back and smiled.

She lightly refused, "No, Tay, I'll join you for some pee when we're not in public." They giggled lightly.

"Fine," Taylor said, slightly disappointed.

"Don't be mad," Steph whispered. She turned to the door, unlocked it and then walked out. She stood outside of the door, waiting for Taylor.

A few guys walked in before Tay finally came out. They walked back to the tabled, holding hands.

As they walked, Taylor explained how Vanessa had leaned on him and tried "touching him". They got in hearing distance just in time to hear Vanessa say, "They are way to close to each other. What does he see in her anyway? I'm so much better and it's so obvious he wants me."

Steph walked over to the table. "You bitch!" She screamed.

Vanessa gave her a confused look. "What are you talking about?"

"You know what she's talking about," Taylor interrupted.

Vanessa defended herself, "I didn't do anything wrong. Tay, did you tell her about where you put my hand under the table?"

Steph slapped, outraged by Vanessa's rudeness and conceitedness. "Let's go," Heather chimed in. Everyone stood up, except Jenny and Vanessa.

"Why?" Jenny asked, adding, "You want to rape Zac in the privacy of your own home?"

Heather turned to her and slapped her. Taylor jumped into the disagreement, "No, she's afraid Zac will die because of the fish smells you two lesbian lovers are giving off."

They could all see the hurt in Vanessa and Jenny's eyes. Vanessa pathetically added, "I'm not a lesbian, like you Taylor." Heather started, "Wow! What a diss. I don't know how Tay will ever get over it. He's traumatized for life!!" Zac put his arm around Heather and turned her around. They walked out.

Once they got out of McDonald's, they decided they should leave the mall so Jenny and Vanessa couldn't cause anymore scenes.

Chapter 12