Zachary Walker Hanson

*Zachary Walker Hanson

*His Birthday is October 22, 1985

*Nicknames are Zac and Animal (from the Muppets)

*Is 5'4"-5'5"

*Is left handed

*Collects mini shampoo bottles from Hotels he stays at

*He's 13

*Plays the drums (duh!)

*Got kissed by Jenny McCarthy (Jenny McCarthy is soo—ooo lucky, and if she wasn't so old, I'd say there could be something going on...Thank God the law forbids a relationship between the two of them!!!)

*Can talk while burping (so can I....LoL)

*Helped draw muscle men on CD

*His fave color is blue *He's always got gum with him....You can see him chewing it in the MMMBop video....

*He wrote Man From Milwaukee while they were sitting at the side of the road in Albuquerque waiting for a tow truck

*Zac acted really rowdy on the bus in the MMMBop video to get the boys kicked off, it worked

*"He's hell on wheels" Says Kathy Griffen on Fox After Breakfast

*He's a libra

*LOVES to play any video games

*Blonde hair

*Brown eyes.........

*During an interview with a Swedish mag, he kept turning off the tape recorder (I'd do that.....)

*His fave ice cream is chocolate (Neopolitan is better!!!)

*Another nickname is Prozac (I can't imagine why!?!)

*Calls Isaac IkeyPoo—I've heard he calls him that and Braceface....Ikeypoo is sweet, but Braceface is mean!! (I have a stuffed lion, a beanbag frog, and two stuffed turtles named Ikeypoo....LoL)

*Sleeps in T and boxers (Wouldn't ya kill to see that...I would! He seems like that type of dude to wear white boxers with little green aliens on them..LoL..or dalmations!)

*Zac burped on Oddville (2 Cute!!)

This is Zac, my Jumping Jelly Bean Man:

This is Zac singing:

Hanson Pagey