Untitled By Steph Cohen

"Do you really think so?" Ali asked her boyfriend, Isaac.

He smiled at her, "You look beautiful!" He looked at her in amazement and wondered why she'd never worn any dresses before.

"Who's going to be at this party?" Ali asked.

"Al, I've told you millions of times."

She smiled at him and brusehd her lips to his, "I forgot. Tell me again...Are you sure this dress looks okay? Can't I just wear pants? I hate this. I feel so uncomfortable."

He embraced her and planted a kiss on her lips, "Al, you look beautiful. You have no reason to feel so uncomfortable. Now just calm down." She smiled at him and sighed.

"So, Ike, who's going to be at the party? You never answered me!"

Isaac rolled his eyes. She had been asking him that same question every five minutes since he had asked her to go with him. Still, he sighed and answered her.

"You look beautiful tonight, Al," Taylor said as he looked at his older brother's girlfriend. She blushed. He suggested, "You should wear dresses more often." He smiled at her. Zac rolled his eyes. He was sick of Taylor and Isaac always fighting over Ali! What was the point? She would be married with Isaac in a few years...She wasn't going to leave him, especially not for Taylor.

"I'm going to go and get some food, I'll be back," Zac told everyone. They all shok their heads. Zac walked over to where the food was set up and browsed through it all, trying to decihper what it all was and what he wanted.

He was just about to put a brownie on his plate when he heard Ali yell, "Ike! It's over! Deal with it!" Zac uickly turned toward where everyone was. He stared, amazed, as Ali slapped Isaac and ran to Taylor, kissing him and holding him in her arms. Zac was speechless. HE couldn't move. He quickly put his plate down on the table next to him and ran after Isaac, giving Taylor and Ali a dirty look as he passed them.

He followed Isaac to his car. Isaac was sitting in the driver seat with his head resting on the sterring wheel. "Are you okay?" Zac asked as he climbed into the passenger side.

Isaac looked up at him, "Zac, It's not fair." Zac didn't know what to say. He just listened to his older brother. "I loved her and that whole time, she was using me. Using me for Tay! This isn't fair! I'll never talk to Tay again!"

Zac's jaw dropped, he managed to get out a few words this time, "Ike, she's a brat, you know that...you said so yourself! And you know how Tay is..he always has to be the best! Ike, cheer up...Please, for me. There are millions of other girls that love you and not Tay!"

Isaac looked at Zac, "You know, Zac, you're right!"

"All better?" zac asked.

Isaac smiled yeah, "Yeah! I just don't want to go back in there yet...You want to go get some pizza?" Zac nodded his head and smiled. They put on their seatbelts and Isaac started up the car. He slowly pulled away.

As he pulled out of the parkinglot, a car from out of nowhere and smashed into their car. Zac and Isaac watched in orror as, before their eyes, the front of the car blew up. And not even a full second letter, the rest of both cars were engulfed with flames...


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