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Katey sat on her couch holding back her laughter. Julie had died. "Good," Katey thought. "She learned her lesson." She wondered what Julie said when Steve put the gun to her head. Although Julie was Katey's sister, her twin sister, Katey still hated her. She had no reason to like her. All Julie did was flirt with Katey's boyfriend and remind Katey of their parents who were both dead, and treat Katey like crap. Why should Katey miss her? The phone rang. Katey quickly ran to get it. "Hello?"

"Hi," a voice said. It was Katey's aunt Sadie. She had raised the girls since they were seven. She always favored Julie. "I'm going to be home late tonight, so tell Maria to cook dinner."

"Okay," Katey agreed, wondering why no one had called to announce Julie's death.

"Is Julie home yet?" Sadie asked,

Katey hestiated to respond, "No."

Sadie sighed, "She's probably at Steve's. Okay, I'll talk to you later."

"Bye," They hung up. Katey suddenly felt bad. Tears burned the corners of her eyes. She didn't like feeling like this. She hated being depressed. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She rolled up the sleeve of her sweater and pressed the knife's tip into her forearm. Slowly, the knife ripped through her skin. Katey didn't cry. The physical pain didn't hurt. It was comforting. She had a friend that used to cut herself. She had to go away to gt help. Katey promised herself she waouldn't get that bad. It would only be this one time.

Katey stared as her blood trickled over her arm and dripped onto the tiles of the kitchen floor. One single tear rolled out of her eye. She snapped out of her trance and dropped the knife. She quickly grabbed a bunch of napkins and pressed them against her cut. She didn't want to blled, only take away the emotional pain.

She could hear someone coming. It was probably Maria, their house keeper. Katey quickly picked up the knife and threw it into the sink, then grabbed some more napkins and wiped up the blood that was on the floor.

She threw away the napkins and rolled down her sleeve just as Maria walked into the kitchen. "Where is Julie?" Maria asked.

Katey shrugged her shoudlers, "Steve's I guess."

Maria rolled her eyes, "That girl! She's always with that snot-nosed boyfriend of hers!" Katey let out a soft giggle.

"Oh yeah," Katey recalled, "Aunt Sadie called. She said she'll be home late and she needs you to cook dinner."

"Don't I always?" Marie asked. Katey let out another soft giggle, showing she agreed, then she made her way to her room.

Katey sat on her bed waiting for the phone to ring. She stared blankly at the wall in front of her. No one had called to announce Julie's death yet, but Katey was sure that someone would call soon. They had to.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Katey jumped them picked it up. "Hello?"

"hi," the person on the other line said. It was her Aunt Sadie again. She sounded upset. "What is Steven't number?"

Katey shrugged, "I don't know. Julie never let me find out."

Sadie continued, "Okay, well, if Julie isn't home in an hour give me a call."

"Okay," Katy agreed. "Bye." Katey hung up then looked at the clock. 5:30 p.m. Tears filled Katey's eyes again. She let a few tears roll out, then she opened the top drawer to the desk bside her bed. She took out a pair of scissors. She held tehm tightly, pressing them to her chest, in front of her heart.

Slowly, she pushed them through her skin, until she lay dead on her bed, like Julie laid on the ground when Steve shot her in that same spot. THE END

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