Revenge By Stephanie Cohen

Isaac watched as his first true love walked away from him. "Kay," he called after her, "Kay, come here. Please. Let's talked about this!"

She turned to face him, "There's nothing to talk about! It's over, Ike. It's over!"

He stared as she turned away from him. His eyes filled with tears. He knew that, this time, it really was over. She left the room, slamming the door behind her. Isaac looked around his room. He walked over to his bed and took down the picture of Kay that he'd hung up when they started dating.

He looked at it, running his fingers over her face. A tear trickled out of his eye and dripped onto the picture. "You bitch," he whispered through clenched teeth. He dropped the picture. The glass shattered quickly. He smiled, satisfied.

Isaac sat down at his desk and quickly rubbed his hands over his face. "What am I gonna do?" Isaac asked himslef out loud. He reached for his phone and called his brother's house.

Taylor answered during the second ring, "Hello?"

"Hi," Isaac greeted.

Taylor's voice suddenly grew loud and serious. "Get over here," he yelled sternly. "NOW!" He hung up.

Puzzled, Isaac tried to imagine what Taylor wanted. He'd never heard his younger brother so angry before. For the first time ever, Isaac fearded Taylor.

Isaac quickly pushed all pf his thoughts to the back of his mind and left for Taylor's house.

As soon as Isaac walked into Taylor's house, he became nervous. Taylor and his younger brother Zac were sitting in the living room with their girlfriends. Isaac sat down in the chair by himslef. "What's this about?" Isaac asked.

"What did you do to Kay?" Zac asked his older brother.

Isaac looked around at everyone--Taylor and Zac looked pissed...Taylor s girlfriend, Lyza, was fast asleep with her head on Taylor's lap...Zac's Girlfriend, Steph, looked like she had been crying hysterically and was about to cry again--Isaac replied, "Nothing. She left me. WHy is that your business?"

Taylor sighed and rolled his eyes. "Why did she leave you?"

Isaac was getting annoyed quickly. He didn't quite know how to answer. "That's none of your business!" He looked at the look on Taylor's face and gathered his thoughts. He sighed, "I cheated on her to get back at her."

Taylor yelled, "You disgust me!!!"

"Why? What happened?" Isaac questioned.

"Kay's dead. She shot herself," Zac explained, "They found her in the parking lot of the mall." Zac paused then continued in a harsh, pissed off tone, "Hope You're sure did get enough revenge..."

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