On The Radio

by Stephanie Cohen

I sit on my bed. Thinking about him. Johnny. Why did I dump him? It's my fault he's dead. I shouldn't have dumped him! I loved him. I still love him. Tears burn the corners of my eyes.

I look down at the scissors I've been holding for the past five minutes. Passing them from hand to hand. Thinking if it's worth it. Should I do it? Yes. I want to. Johnny died because of me. I'm going to do it for him. I'm gonna die for him. SO we can be together again. No, I'll do this for me. For my selfish needs.

But, what if it wasn't him they found dead in the creek? What if he;s sitting home right now working up the nerve to call me? What if...No! It was him. I know it.

I hold the scissors over my heart and slowly press them inward. I feel them break through my skin. Tears start rolling down my face. I feel the blood trickling down my chest. I gasp for air, but I can't breathe. The scissors are in too far. I try to hold on for a little longer. I try not to push on the scissors anymore.

I can hear mine and Johnny's song on the radio. "I'll Never Break Your Heart" by the Backstreet Boys. Blackness takes over. I can still hear the radio, though. I hear the D.J. say, "And that was for Dora from Johnny. And here's Johnny."

"Hi," the man says. It's Johnny! It's my Johnny! He's alive! He continues to speak, "I just wanna say sorry for whatever I did. I love you, DOra. I didn't mean to hurt you! That's whay I went to Laura's house after school. She helped me. I'm sorry if you thought that the guy in the creek was me. It wasn't!" He's so sweet! I can't wait to see him. Then, I remember I won't see him ever again. I can still feel blood gushing out of my chest. I struggle for life. I roll over, trying to grab my phone, but I push the scissors all the way in. I'm too late to save myself. Too late to grasp onto my life.

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