I Quit By Steph Cohen

Zac looked across the stage at Taylor. he glared at him evilly, until he noticed that the camrea was on him. He rolled his eyes. "I hate this," Zac thought to himself, "All of these girls screaming for my brothers--what about me? I'm here...I hate this song...MMMBop....I didn't even write this song! Gosh...I hate my brothers." The music stopped. The concert was over. Not quite happily, Zac got up from behind his drumset and ran to the front of the stage. He and his two brothers (and bandmates), Taylor and Isaac, held hands and bowed three times.

Zac quickly ran off the stage...he could her girls whispering..."Where's her going! He's so rude! God! Taylor looks so fine!" Zac blocked all of it out.

He made his way to his dressing room and sat down on a chair and sighed. He didn't know what to do. Ever since he had turned 18, it seemed as though his popularity had gone down. He smiled, "At least I have a girlfriend," he thought to himself...which was true. Isaac and Taylor may have been popular, but they didn't have girlfriends! Zac took out his wallet and opened it to a picture of Steph. He sighed.

Suddenly, Taylor and Isaac walked in. "What's up with you?" Taylor asked his younger brother.

Zac rolled his eyes, "I'm going to let everyone know..."

"KNow what?" Isaac questioned.

"About me and Steph."

Taylor and Isaac's eyes widened, "Why?" the asked simultaneously.

Zac replied matter-of-factly, "I love her. Besides, those fans don't want me...they want you two!" Outraged and angry, Zac got up and walked out of the room.

On his way out, he ran into a group of girls. "Oh my God," one of them yelled. Zac stopped. "can I have your autograph?" the same girl asked.

"Sure," Zac took the program booklet and the pen that the girl was shoving at him and signed the booklet.

"I'm Kalle," the girl said, shoving her hand toward him. He shook her hand, not really caring who she was. She continued with her introduction, "And these two girls are my sisters, Mary and Shana."

Shana chimed in, "I love your brother so much!!!" Kalle elbowed Shana in the side, showing her that was impolite.

Mary took a step forward, "Zac, um, you must get asked this a lot, but I'm totally serious....will you be my boyfriend?"

Zac stared at the young girl. She looked no onlder then him. "I'm sorry," he said, "But I already have a girlfriend."

"What," she exclaimed.

"Yeah," Zac told her, "We've been going out for a few years, but we've managed to keep it quit."

Shana ran off crying and Mary followed her. "Who is your girlfriend?" Kalle asked.

He sighed, "Stephanie Cohen."

Kalle's eyes grew big, "Oh my God!!!!"


"I met her a few weeks ago and she had said that she wished she could date one of you! You mean...you mean..she was only saying that so we didn't find out?"

Zac shook his head yes, "We both wanted to tell people, but my brothers said no."

"Oh." Kalle's eyes filled with tears.

Zac smiled, "Spread the word...Oh! And when you see my brothers, tell them I quit!"

With that, Zac walked away and he never talked to Taylor or Isaac again.


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