HANSON: Cleaning Up The House While Cleaning Up The Charts

So what if Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary, with singles from "MMMBop" to "Weird," are some of the biggest household names among music audiences between the ages of 6 to 60. And so what if they've earned more money with 1997's Middle Of Nowhere CD and this year's Three Car Garage CD than this magazine has made. None of it's changed their parents' minds about asking them to help out with the household chores. The brothers are still living under parents Walker and Diana's roof and until they move out, get a place of their own and hire a maid to take care of dishes, these boys will be leading lives just like the rest of the responsibilty-clad teen around.

In a recent interview with the harmonious cleaning crew, Taylor told BB that no matter how famous, succesful and important they have become to the music industry, their parents taought them (as they will younger sibs Jessica, Avery, Mackenzie, and Zoe) that if they make a mess, they have to be accountable for it. "Yes, we definitely have our share of chores," Tay, 15, stresses. "If you mess up the house, you've got to clean it up." Adds oldest bro, Ike, 17, "Yeah, we have plenty to clean up, comsidering that we are seven kids."

Taylor explains that in the Hanson family, being a household picker-upper is a job bestowed upon them at brith. "When you're in a big family like ours, there's always plenty to do," the keyboardist has illutrated. "So we just do whatever our parents tell us to do. 'Go do the dishes.' 'Oh, okay.'"

Although the guys aren't always home to make a mess, don't forget that every time they travel, their entire family comes along. So whether they're in Tulsa, Oklahoma or taking up the top floor os some posh hotel in Florence, Italy, messes will follow. "I think no matter what, you are going to have to clean up sometimes," Zac, 12, reinforces. "[But] I don't think there is necessarily assigned chores. We're like the all-around clean-up crew."

Not too long ago, however, the boys do remember a time when they were actually assigned specific chores to do. What happened? "We kind of got out of it somehow," Taylor smiles. "I don't know how. We got lucky."

Lucky, perhaps, but don't assume that just because they're boys that their mom hasn't taught them to be experts in diaper-changing. With baby sister Zoe in tow, Ike, Tay and Zac can practically tell the difference between Pampers and Huggies with their eyes closed. "Yeah, we've had enough practice at it," guitarist Isaac's grimmaced.

While you might think the most embarrassing part about having to change their baby sister's diapers is the changing act itself, just listen to what Taylor and Isaac have to say. "the thing is you could be holding her and you bend over and all of a sudden you hear this [toot] and and you're kind of like, 'Oh that was my little sister," Tay's blushed. "And you will have to tell people, 'No, that wasn't me,'" Isaac's added, "'it was my little sister!'"

Not only have they been busy cleaning up after their healthy new sibling (who was born last Jansuary 14), the family recently added yet another member to the family--a four-legged on. "We actually just got a dog," Isaac exclaims. "[But] we're very embarrassed about what kind it is."

Why the guys wouldn't tell BB what type of dog they got, no one really knows, but that doesn't mean we at BB can't speculate about what kind it is. According to what drummer boy Zac blurted out about it being "a small dog," "Chinese" and "a little fur ball," it's got to be totally cute and cuddly.

Regardless, "the little fur ball" is still another huge responsibility that the boys must take turns walking, feeding, brushing, and playing with. Between dirty dishes, dirty diapers and a dirty dog, it's amazing they've had time to devote themselves to anything but their chores.

So are you wondering just who of the three is the best at atckling their chires? If you are, you're not alone. "OUr dad is really organized." Taylor says, "and we joke about who is going to be the most organized." Will it be Isaac, who claims to be a whiz with a can of Lysol; Taylor, whose "room is a wreck" but who's never too shy to help out a little sister in need; or Zac, who says he actually enjoys, "taking out the trash"?

After extensive research, BB concluded that all three brothers seem to make concerted effort with the family chores. However, based on a glowing recommendation by Zac, taylor won the award for best cleaner in the end. "[Ike and I] clean up, but Tay cleans up the most," Zac confesses.

So, the next time your mom asks you to clean up your room or take out the trash, don't mope around the house feeling sorry for yourself. Just think, wherever the Hanson boys are in the world at that moment, they, too, (and especially Taylor) are doing their own share of chores for the day. And considering how much ironing and washing they have to tolerate from living out of suitcases, they're probably busier tidying up than you ever are. If you think that sounds farfetched, just listen to this plea for sanity from Zac. Given the chance to wish for anything, the latest Nintendo game or even a brand-new motor cycle never crosses his mind. Nope, Zac apires to one day have a "portable washing machine" for a constant supply of clean clothes while on the road. Maytag, are you listening?

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