It's Over by Steph Cohen

I sat in the car nervously and turned it on. I buckled up then pulled out of the driveway. An all too familiar song was on the radio. "All My Life." I couldn't handle it. I flipped off the radio. I hated KiCi & JoJo right now. Assholes. I hate that song! I hate my life! I hate it all!

As I turn onto Cruller Avenue, I hear a car driving behind me. My heart is jumping into my throat. I look into the review mirror...Dave! Damn him!! I push onto the gas. He's swirning on the road. He's drunk. Asshole. I'm getting scared now. I'm driving too fast.

I'm flying up Sunset when he hits me. His car smahes into me and I feel myself go through the windshield. It breaks and my back is throbing with pain. Finally, I hit the ground. I can't move. Dave runs over and slams onto the ground. He sits beside me and asks, "You okay?"

What does he think? Yeah, I'm fine...I'm dying, mother fucker, and it's all your fault. I'm fine. Happy as can be. Yup. I'm crying. I never cry. What is he thinking? I don't answer. I'm not sure if it's cause I can't talk or because I am so pissed off at him.

I struggle to breath. I know it's over. Dave kisses my forehead and whispers, "I'm sorry. I love you." A tear escapes and streams down my face. I struggle for one last breath, then, I can't breath anymore. I see nothing. Everything is totally black. And, then, it's all over. My life is over.

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