I Want Some Oreos By Steph Cohen

"Moooom," Taylor whined, "I want some Oreos!"

Melanie looked at her 4 year old daughter, "Tay, Go get them yourself! You know where they are!"

Taylor frowned and walked out of the room to the kitchen. She reached for the cabinet, but couldn't reach, so she climbed on the counter and opened it.

As she took out the cookie jar, the young girl fell backward onto the ground, banging her head against the hard linoleum tiles. She laid there, unable to move, unable do to anything...unable to breath.

Melanie ran in to see what her child had done. She saw her laying on the floor and ran to her side. She held her daughter's cold dead hand and searched for a pulse at her wrist, then at her neck. Nothing. She panicked and ran to the kitchen hpone. She stummbled on the buttons, but dialed 9-1-1. She told them her daughter fell and wasn't breathing.

The paramedics came.

The police came.

They said Melanie neglected her daughter.

Melanie cried. She explained that all she did was tell Taylor to get erself some Oreos...She musta fell....But they didn't believe her.

And before Melanie sat in the electric chair, the man asked, "Do you have any last requests?"

She smiled, "Yeah...I want some Oreos!!!"

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