My Pets

This is Howie! Ain't he cute? *buzz, buzz, buzz*

This is Taylor! He's a kitty cat...isn't he cute????

That's Isaac...he's a cat too! Isn't he adorable??!?!?!?!!

This is Zac!!! Naturally, he's a sweetheart and, of course, he's 2 cute for words!!

This is Tay...there's a joke behind this one! LoL!!!

This is Zac da Bat!!!! Don't be afraid, he only eats twinkies....not people :)

That's Tay da Bat....He's a lil freakie, but he's cool.

This is Walker the Friendly Ghost (no relation to Casper).....

This is Diana...she's also friendly :)

That's um..Ricky! Ricky Raccoon!! He's soo--cute, ain't he?!?!?

That's Funny Bunny---After the song Tay, Zac, and Ike (Hanson) wrote for their younger sister Jessica.......

These are the triplets:

(Steph) (Alana) and (Kayla)

And this is Zoe (named after Zoe Hanson) and her favorite teddy bear (TayBear..named after my teddy bear!):

(I picked it because of Conan O'Biren, I think that was the show...)

And this is how we all get to our mommies and daddies: :)

This is definately my fave! Here's Tony: