Clarke Isaac Hanson


Age-17 (18 in a few days...about two weeks *sighs, cries, smiles*)

Birthdate-November 17, 1980

Birthplace- Tulsa, OK


Plays- Guitar Piano

Hair Color-Dark blonde to light brown

Eye Color-Brown

Height-Around 5'10"

Shoe size- 14 or 15 in mens (or so I've heard)

Hobbies- Rollerblading, soccer, basketball, and video games



Pastime-Writing(A Science Fiction Novel, I hear.)

Wants a Corvette (I've heard this a few times...)

He is Single (there is a God!!!)

Taylor and Zac are his best friends.

Got his first guitar at a pawn shop at the age 14

Supposedly, Ike name his guitars after girls he likes......(LoL...I know something you don't knoe *smiles evilly*)

He is romantic (God Loves us Girls!!!)

Can do impressions of Kermit The Frog, Bullwinkle, Beavis and Butthead (Butthead is #1!! I love him...always have always will...Beavis is just, well, uh, Beavis)

Likes vanilla ice cream (I prefer Neopolitan)

Has his license!

He keeps a journal

Loves his brown leather jacket! (Me too!)

Has clear braces

First song he ever wrote was titled "Rain Falling Down"

He likes Star Wars.

Sleeps in his boxers (Wouldn't love to see that...I would!)

Worst habit is biting his nails

Wears a silver ring on his middle finger of his left hand

Loves his video camera cause it's so technical with lots of buttons. (He seems like the type of dude that pushes the little red button after the wise, old guy says not to...)

Thinks old things with logos are cool, but not new things with logos.

He likes chunky peanut butter

Zac's nickname for him is Braceface. (I'm not sure if this is true...if it is, Message To Zac:::You Meanie!! *sticks tongue out at Zac*)

Tay's nickname for him is (suppsedly) Chewbacca.....the cute, furry thing from Star Wars) This is Ike the jumping Jelly Bean:

This is Isaac singing:

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