I Will Come To You

I laid on the bed and listened to the noises in the old house. The house was creepy, and yet, somehow, it comforted me a whole lot. I liked it here. In th enext room, I could hear those little creeps--the twins. They were talking about their favorite band--Hanson. Hanson! Ha! What a joke! I used to like Hanson..I guess I still do, but I can't admit it. Not here, I can't. Not in this house. At home, I could, but here, there was this guy that slept in the next room and he hated them.

It was weird. I loved it here and yet i was unhappy. Maybe it was because I couldn't admit that i loved Hanson...maybe it wasn't. Whatever it was, it needed to go away. That's when I heard it. A whisper in my ear, "When the night is dark and stormy, you won't have to reach out for me. I will come to you..." I quikly reached for the light by the bed and flicked it on. No one was in the room. Who whispered then? No one, other than the twin, knew tje words to Hanson's song, "I Will Come To You," but I could still hear them in the room next door. They were still talking about Hanson. For one split second, I could have sworn I saw Taylor Hanson in the rocking chair. Then, it started stomring outside. The moon dissolved into the clouds and lightning ripped through the black night sky. I jumped with teh sound of the thunder and the punding rain. I jumped out of bed and ran the balcony to shut the door.

As I closed the double doors, I heard something...a voice singing...it was the same voice, "When The Night is dark and stormy, you want have to reach out for me..I will come to you..Oh, oh...I will come to you...." Then, it happened...a van raced up to the house. I watched, bewildered as a man ran into the house.

Suddenly, I heard a scream. I stayed where I was..I couldn't move. Then, Mrs. Draible, the house's owner ran into the room followed by the twins. She was crying and all upset. I turned to thema dn ran over to them, finally able to move, "What's wrong?" I asked. "What's happened?"

Mrs Draible sighed and sniffled, "Please, children, sit down." The twins and I sat on the floor and Mrs. Draible sat on the bed. She sighed again and a tear dripped out of her eye. "It's about my nephews." We all looked at her, puzzled looks on our faces. She explained, "My nephews, the Hanson boys, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac." We all gasped--I knew it was bad and I think that the twins did also. Mrs. Draible continued, "I figured it's be sweet to have them here tomorrow morning to meet you..." she paused, "But, they've died. They're plane crashed!" We all started to weep. I could feel anger building inside me. Then, I did it, I ran to the balcony and jumped.

Home, please

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