Him by Stephanie Cohen

"How can he do that?" I ask myself. "How can he leave me on in the middle of Nowhere on the side of some road surrounded by nothing but trees?"

I'm sitting here, on the shoulder of the street. It's freezing and I can see a few snowflakes fall every now and then. I know he'll be back. He can't just leave me here. Can he? No, he's sweet, he wouldn't do that to me.

My stomach aches, and I think I might just puke. I can't sit here any longer. I have to get up and move. I stand up and start walking aimlessly back the way we came. I remember a house we saw a little while back. It looked like a cozy little home.

While I'm walking, I here something in the woods. I'm scared. I don't know what it is. I don't know what kind of animals lurke around here at this hour. I don't even know where I am.

I've been walking for at least two hours now. I'm covered in goose bumps and I can't feel my finger tips. Yup, this is great. There still is no sign on life, other than an ocassional animal in the trees. It seems like it's following me along the road. I've gotten used to it, I just don't care to know what it is.

Suddenly, I hear running water. It's gotta be a creek. I stop walking when I walk into a railing. It hurts my stomach, but I'm alright. I'm still alive. But right now, maybe it'd be better if I weren't. I stand still, wondering about the water. Is it a clean? Are there fish in it? I wonder.

Finally, a car drives by. And it goes right past the dead end I'm in. That's it. I hate this. I won't survive much longer anyway. I don't see the car lights anymore. I climb over the railing. I feel my way to the edge and stand there.

With my back toward the water, I take a deep breath. I'm gonna jump. I swear it. I see a light approaching. It's too late. My left foot is over the edge already.

I see him. "No!" He screams. "I love you!" He's to late. My feet are off the edge. I'm quickly falling. My life flashes before my eyes.

Finally, I hit the ground. I feel a sharp pain in my head. I struggle for a breath. I don't make it. I can't do it. And all I can think of is him. I love him. Why'd he do this?? Him.

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