The Gunman by Steph Cohen

I sit on my couch watching TV. Nothing's on and I'm really bored. I want to call someone, but everyone is out. I'm the only one that doesn't drink, and it gets to be a pain. I have about six kids in the other room so my friends can go get plastered. I guess it's better this way. This way if anything happens, the kids won't get hurt.

Suddenly, someone walks in. I'm scared. I look at the clock. 1:22. It's too early for anyone to get their kids. My heart is pumping fast and I can't move I'm so scared. Finally, the person walks into the room. They are wearing a face warmer, so I can only see their eyes and lips. It's only Jake, I think. "You're home early," I observe. He doesn't answer. I'm nervous. I doubt it's Jake. I notice blood on his jacket. My heart leaps into my throat. "I'm gonna go get a drink," I say. "Do you want anything?" Of course, he doesn't say anything. I stand up and start to walk out.

I get to the doorway and start thinking that I'm safe. But I'm not. The person grabs me around the neck. They put something up to my head. It's gun, I know it is. "Where is she?" he asks.

"Who?" Tears are streaming out of my eyes. I'm terrified.

"You know who I mean," he says, and he pushes the gun harder against my head. His voice is deeper than Jake's and it gives me a chill down my spine.

"Honest," I sob, "I don't know who you're talking about."

"Katie," he says harshly. It clicks. Katie's mom did mention that her dad had just got out of jail and was fighting for custody. I thought she was kidding! I guess not.

"She's not here," I lie, I don't want to see her hurt.

"I'll shoot," he says. I don't say anything. I only close my eyes and take a deep breath. I know I'm going to die. They pull the trigger and my hair gets wet. I'm not dead! It's a water gun!!! I turn around and punch the guy in his stomach. He falls. I rip off the mask. It's Jake. I let our a sigh of relief.

"You jerk," I tell him. I kick him in the side. I'm still scared. That doesn't explain the blood. "What about the blood?" I ask.

He reaches into his pocket and takes out a tube of stage blood. He starts cracking up. I kick him again, then I walk away.