GRANNY (by Stephanie Cohen)

I'll never forget that feeling. "Granny' s dead," I watched my mother's face fall as she told me the news. I fought back the tears. Granny had always taught me not to cry for deaths. But, I felt so empty. Without Granny, what would I do on Saturdays? What would I do when mum and I fought? Who would teach me about respect and all the other important things Granny always told me about? What had she done wrong? Why her? Why did God take her? I looked at my mother, then ran upstairs to my room. I jumped onto my bed and dug my face into the pillow. I closed my eyes and searched through my mind for a picture of Granny, but all I could see was the back of her.....I saw her how I always thought of her...good posture, and she always wore her green sweat shirt and a long red dress. And at that moment, I saw her holding a rose. A red Rose. I wondered why I saw her holding a rose. She didn't have a garden. I'd never seem her with any kind of flower.

Suddenly, mum walked in. She sat beside me on the bed and rubbed my back. "I've got to go and bye flowers for Granny's grave, would you like to come?"

I sat up. "No, but mom, can you please get her a single rose," I paused, "A red rose, from me. And you can get her whatever you want from you."

A puzzled look appeared on her face, "A red rose?" she questioned. The look on her face made me think that a red rose held some signafigance. "Why?"

I sniffled, "I had a dream of Granny...she was carrying a single red rose." Now I was convinced that it held signafigance, the look on her face had totally convinced me. I asked, "What's that mean, mum? One red rose?"

Mum sighed, "When you were born, Granny gave me a dozen flowers, carnations, pink and white. Then she gave me a red rose and said it was for you. She said that you'd be special, so you deserved a special flower." Tears filled mum's eyes. "That's when she told you your first story. It was a story about your Grandad, on their first date, he gave har a single red rose with a note that said, 'A dozen roses would go too fast. And would die within a week, but since our love will enver die, one rose is all I'll give'." Mum paused, "and when the flower died, he told her that when they had their next first date, in heaven, he'd be waiting there for her with one single rose." A tear trickled down mum's face. "How'd you know about the rose?"

I respnded with little hestitaion, "I didn't, until now. I just had a dream of Granny with a single rose, so I asked you to get her one."

Mum explained with a smile on her face, "Granny's happy, she said you were special. She always favored you, that's why you saw that. That was her showing you not to worry. That was her finaly goodbye" A car horn beeped and mum glanced out the window, "Well, I've got to go now, are you sure you won't come?" I shook my head yes. I had no reason to go. Granny was happy. Going an buying flowers would be pointless. She already had all of the flowers she needed--one single red rose.