Gone By Steph Cohen

I huddled in the corner of my room on my bed. My whole body, except my head, was convered with my thick quilt. The room's coldness burned my face and frove the tears in my eyes. I looked at the broken window across the room from my bed. I remembered how it had gotten broke...

"Ike, hunny," just forget about it," I pleaded. I begged him not to go back and get my pet turtle...if my parents found out I was running away with him, they'd kill us both.

The light in my room turned on. I prayed that Ike had turned it on. Suddenly, I saw my father. He called for me, "Nathisha!"

I sat huddled under my window, praying my dad wouldn't see Ike. I heard Ike scream for help. I picked up a big rock and threw it through the window. It hit my father, but it was too late. Ike was gone.

There I was, 3 weeks later, huddled in the corner of my room wishing Ike would just appear out of the darkness or something. I looked at the clock. 4:07 a.m. I closed my eyes, but couldn't sleep, so I climbed out of my bed. I looked around my room, making shapes out of the shadows.

I reached for my light, but brouther my hand bacl. The light was pointless. I slowly made my way out of my room and went upstairs.

I walked up to the roof and looked over the edge of the brick apartment building.

Then, I jumped, vanishing into the darkness. I quickly whispered, "Going, going, gone!" Gone.

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