Goodbye, Ike

Ike held me tightly in his arms as we sat on his bed. He was sweet like that. He was the only person I could turn to that wouldn't think I was stupid. Zac would have some cute comments to say, I'm sure of that, that's why I didn't cry in front of him. He'd definitely make fun of me for crying hysterically over this. It's not like it's anything that bad...just the death of my dog!!!

Ike kissed my forehead as I let out a fresh set of tears. "It's ok," he whispers. I don't say anything. He may be sweet, but he doesn't fully understand, I don't think. I loved that dog! I had the dog since I was five!!!! And now, he's gone. It's not fair!

Millions of thoughts are flooding my mind. I try to think of how this is my fault. I know it is. "It's not your fault," Ike says. It's as though he reads my mind! Still, I don't talk. I feel too sick to even whisper. I got it! It is my fault! If I wouldn't have been so into music and so determined to become famous, then, I wouldn't have started traveling. Maybe then, I wouldn't be crying now. Ike kisses me on the forehead again. This time it's different. It makes my body tingle. We've kissed so many times, why is this so different? It's so weird!

I stop crying and face Ike. We kiss on the lips. Our tongues enter each others' mouths. I feel a lot better. I think it's time to do it. I think it's finally time we have sex. "We've been dating for close to two years," I think to myself, "It's time." Then, I think again as our kiss ends. I'm only 17.

I wrap my arms around him. He holds me closer and we both lay down on the bed, still holding each other. I notice it's not time. I am too young, and I don't want to ruin our relationship. The phone rings. Ike quickly breaks our embrace and reaches over me to get the phone. "Hello?" he sounds happy that the phone rang.

I tune him out. I'm so mad right now that I don't care who it is. It's over! I hate him! I don't listen to what he's saying, I just lay there, glaring at him through the tears that are quickly building up in my eyes like a strong brick wall. He smiles, but not at me. His face lights up with every second on the phone. His smile grows larger. I know it's a girl. Probably Tay's girlfriend, Steph. He always flirts with her. I hate her! Now more than ever. Even when she's not here, she's interfering with mine and Ike's relationship.

I let a tear escape my eye. It runs down my face. Ike doesn't notice. He's to wrapped up in his phone call.

"I hate you," I murmur. He doesn't notice. Outraged, I storm out of the room. Hoping, I never see or hear from him again. I show myself the way out of the house, pushing past Taylor and his friends. I run out, slamming the door.

As I get into my car, I burst into hysterics once again.

Ike doesn't bother to run after me. I guess he really isn't sweet. I pull of the driveway and head home. And I never hear from Ike again.

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