Perfect End To A Bad Week

by Stephanie Cohen

I stare at the floor whil the rest of my Chorus class sings. I don't know what they're singing. Some song about God. God. What a joke! There is no God. No Jesus Christ. And no damn Holy Ghost! It's stupid to believe in a God.

The week's been rough. My boyfriend and I broke up. My uncle died. I'm depressed. This week sucks. I'm glad it's a Friday. This week is basically over.

Suddenly, the phone rings. The teacher, a woman whom deserves no respect, gets up from behind her piano and goes over to the phone. "Hello? Room 132." Her cheerful expressionfades. She looks at me, giving me a sympathetic look. "Okay," she says, then hangs up. She walks to her desk. "Steph." I can feel tears fighting to escapse my eyes. I get up. Everyone watches me as I walk over to the teacher's desk. I can feel it.

The teacher hands me a hall pass. "They want you in the office," she explains. "There's been an accident." Tears stream down my face.

I drop the pass. This is bull. I run out of the class and I keep running until I'm out of the school.

I'm standing in fromt of the creek that's not very far from my school. Only a few blocks away. I look at it. It's tempting.

Slowly, I climb over the bar and quickly jump in. Water pushes me from every way. I breathe in, allowing my lungs to fill with the rushing water. I don't struggle. I just close my eyes. I'm beginning to get dizzy, but in a few minutes, I'll be better. I'll be dead.

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