Hey! NONE of these Stories are true....I've only written ONE true story, and I probably will not EVER post it! But, please, enjoy these....and if you have any fan FICTION you've written, please send it my way.....

By The Way:

Hanson: a band consisting of three hot brothers name Clarke Isaac Hanson, Jordan Taylor Hanson and Zachary Walker Hanson....

Fan: A person who is interested in or enthusiatic about something.

Fic: (fiction): 1. Writeen works that ell a story or stories about characters and events (or just events) that are not real. 2. Something that is imaginary or not true.

Also, unfortuantely, I am not realated to Hanson or Mercury records in anway....((wish I was)).....I am NOT a Hanson brother......You get the point...Blah, blah, blah

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