Chapter 9

Is Ike Mad?

Christine stared at the blank page in her notebook. The phone rang. She quickly jumped toward her night stand and grabbed her cordless. "Hello?"

"Hi," Steph said. "What's up?"

"Steph?" Christine asked.

"Yeah," Steph replied.

"I wasn't expecting to here from you ever again," Christine exclaimed. "Where are you?"

Confused, Steph answered, "We're in New Jersey. I'm going to introduce Zac to my buddy Heather."

"Oh, how's Ike doing? Is he mad?"

"No," Steph explained, "he was never mad, but he just didn't feel comfortable around Frank."


"Listen," Steph said, "I have to go now, we're leaving to go to Heather's." They said good-bye then hung up.

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