Chapter 5: Seize The Moment

Marie and Christine sat in Christine's bedroom listening to Christine's "Middle Of Nowhere" (Hanson) CD. "So," Marie said, "tell me about that guy you met."

Christine smiled, blushing lightly. "His name is Frank. He just moved next door to my Dad. He's hot, sweet, everything I've ever wanted in a guy."

"I thought that was Isaac," Marie said, confused.

"He's actually just like Ike, but he hair is short and he looks different." Christine closed her eyes. Suddenly, the phone rang, breaking through Christine's daydreams about her newly found love. She reached down by her leg and answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi, Chris," the voice said, "This is Steph. I just called to tell you that I mailed your letter today and there's good news in it, so you have to write back the minute you get it."

"Okay," Christine said.

"Well," Steph said, "Tay is bugging me, so I'll call you some other time. Bye." They both hung up.

Marie asked, "So, what if Frank asks you out, then Ike asks you out."

"Ike would never ask me out! He has millions of fans, why would he choose me??"

"Say he does, then what?" Marie persisted.

"I'll just simply dump Frank." Marie rolled her eyes and the phone rang again. Christine answered it again, "Hello?"

"Hi, This is Elena, is Chris there?" the voice asked.

"This is Chris, Stupid!"

"Mom told me today she had to go out of town for a week, so I'm going to stay here at Jeff's place. You can do whatever, just make sure you're home next Tuesday around five o'clock P.M."

Christine interrupted, "Does this mean that I can have anyone sleep over?"

"Yeah," Elena said, "Just be careful and don't make a mess of the house." Elena gave Christine Jeff's number, then they hung up.

Christine quickly dialed Frank's phone number. Frank answered, "Hello?"

"Hi, Hun," Christine said, "What are you doing tonight?"

"Watching TV," Frank replied. "Why?"

"My mom's out of town for the next week, so why don't you come over here."

"Okay," Frank said, "Give me a half an hour."

"Okay," Christine agreed, then they hung up. Marie called her mom on the other line in Christine's house while Christine called her friend, Alec.

Thirty minutes later, Frank, Alec, Marie, and Christine were all sitting in Christine's living room. Frank held Christine in his arms on the floor, leaning against one couch, while Marie and Alec sat on the other side of the coffee table, by the other couch, not touching each other at all.

"I'll be right back," Frank warned. He let go of Christine, light kissed her lips, then walked out of the room.

"Get a six pack while you're up," Christine yelled.

"How old is he?" Marie asked.

"Seventeen," Christine replied, "I told you he was hot!" Frank walked back in, carrying a six pack of Budweiser. He handed one to Christine.

"You guys want any?" He asked, looking at Marie and Alec.

"Sure," they both said. He handed them each one and then sat down by Christine. He embraced her warm body in his arms. She rested her beer down on the coffee table. Marie turned on the TV. She turned on TNT. The first Poltergeist movie was on. Alec turned off all the lights.

Not even ten minutes later, Alec and Marie were both drunk out of their minds. They cuddled on the floor.

Frank put his hand on Christine's thigh. Slowly, he worked his way up. He ran his fingers over her crotch then kept moving up.

He slowly moved up her shirt and rubbed her breast. She turned around and they kissed. She took his shirt off. He unlatched her bra and slipped her shirt over her head. She rubbed her hands down Frank's side and undid his jeans. She pushed him down and laid on top of him. He slipped off his pants as she slipped out of her shorts. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Frank whispered.

"Seize the moment," she whispered in reply.

Alec looked over at the two of them. "They look like they're having fun," he exclaimed, pointing.

"Yeah!" Marie agreed, "That does look like fun!"

The next morning, Christine woke up laying on the floor naked next to Frank. She sat up and looked around. Alec and Marie weren't any where in sight. Christine grabbed her shirt off the floor and slipped it on. She threw on her under wear and jeans then ran upstairs.

She ran into her room. Alec and Marie were laying on her bed under a blanket. Their clothes thrown on her desk and floor. She grabbed some clothes then went into the bathroom. She threw off her shirt and quickly put on a strapless bra and tube top. She slipped out of her shorts and underwear and put on another pair of underwear and a pair of daisy-dukes.

She brushed her teeth and hair, then walked back into her room. Alec and Marie were still sleeping. She noticed blood on the blanket, "Oh Shit," she exclaimed. She ran over to Alec, "Wake up," she exclaimed, shaking him. Startled, he sat up.

"What?" he asked.

"Wake up," she said, "you and Marie have to get up."

Why?" he questioned.

"My blanket! I have to wash my blanket!" she screamed. Marie sat up and looked at Christine's blanket.

"Your blanket," she gasped.

"Get dressed, then go wash my blanket," Christine demanded. Christine stormed out of the room angrily. She ran down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. She put some bread in the toaster and made herself a cup of coffee.

Marie and Alec came in a few minutes later, right as Christine sat down to eat her toast. Alec and Marie sat at the table by Christine. None of them said anything.

Suddenly, Frank walked in. He walked up behind Christine and grabbed her breast. She turned around angrily, "Perve!" A puzzled look fell upon Frank's face.

"What's your problem?" Frank asked.

"Nothing," she said as she lit up a cigarette. She looked over at Marie and Alec, "You know, you two get drunk way too fast!" Neither of them said anything, they just lightly blushed. Frank brought up a chair and sat down beside Christine. He placed his arm around her. She turned around and gave him a gentle kiss, "Sorry," she whispered in his ear.

As they kissed, Frank slowly worked his hand up Christine's shirt. "They get too horny too much," Alec whispered to Marie. Marie shook her head in agreement.

"Let's go watch some TV," Marie suggested. She grabbed Alec's hand and dragged him into the living room. They sat down by one another on one of the couches and turned on the TV. Alec sat with his legs off the couch, and Marie laid with her head rested on Alec's lap.

Seconds later, they could hear Christine and Frank's horny moans. Alec leaned down and gently kissed Marie. Marie kissed back. Alec put his hand over her crotch and slowly worked his way up her shirt.

Enjoying every moment of this, Marie slipped off Alec's shirt. Alec unlatched Marie's bra and then did the same with her shirt. Marie reached down Alec's pants while Alec still rubbed his hand along her breasts and crotch. She pushed him down and laid on top of him, still with her hand down his pants. She took his pants off and he slipped off her shorts. They both took off each other's underwear.

Marie and Christine sat in Christine's bedroom. "You are such a slut," Marie said to Christine.

"I am not," Christine protested.

"Yeah, right, every time Frank kissed you, you fucked him!!!"

"Did not," Christine protested again.

"Then explain it," Marie said in a challenging tone.

"Well," Christine began, "he was horny and my words to live by are seize the moment, so, I did just that. I seized the moment." Marie rolled her eyes. "And what about you with Alec?" Christine asked.

"What about us?"

"Well," you were just as bad," Christine said.

"Yeah," Marie agreed, "but I've known Alec for years, you only met Frank three days ago!"

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