Zac, Ike, Tay, and Steph sat in the Hanson tour bus. Zac and Ike were sitting on their beds, and Tay and Steph were laying on Tay's bed. Steph was reading a piece of paper, "What's that?" Zac asked.

"A letter from Chris," Steph replied.

"Chris?" Tay asked panicky. "Who's Chris?"

"Christine, stupid," Steph said, "The girl from backstage."

Tay let out a sigh of relief, "Oh. Good."

"So, Ike," Steph asked, "What do you think of Christine, like, would you date her?"

"Yeah," Ike said, "She's pretty. I'd date her."

"Cool!" Steph exclaimed.

"What about me?" Zac asked. "I want a girlfriend!"

"I know someone for you," Steph said teasingly.

"Who?" Zac, Ike, and Tay all asked simultaneously.


"Who?" They all repeated.

"She's one of my friends back in Jersey. You have to meet her."

"How old is she?" Zac asked.

Steph replied, "She just turned fifteen."

"Whoa!" Zac exclaimed. "Are you sure that she likes me?"

"She loves you, man!" Steph said. Zac smiled. Steph reached beside the bed and grabbed her notebook and a pen. She started writing.

"What are you writing?" Ike curiously asked.

"A letter to Christine," Steph replied, "I have to tell her what you said!" Ike blushed lightly.

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